20 March 2020

If one is going to argue something, argue it well...

I've been hearing a lot "it's not about you" it's about others...and if one leaves the lockdown one is selfish, and one has no concern about others.

As I much often say, it's not what one says, it's how one says it...

With this logic, one might as well never leave the house. There are billions of viruses that are out there. And ANY of them, one can carry, and one can bring to elderly people, or to those who are compromised....(Don't confuse my thoughts, I do indeed believe the elderly and those compromised should stay home....and people should be closer to their families...)

Some Coronaviruses are airborne, and that means one really can't do anything about it. Being sealed in a room will do nothing about it. (Viruses can get through small spaces). Some Coronaviruses are by person to person contact....obviously minimise contact in these situations.

Where does it explicitly say that the churches must close? A church is there to worship God!, Not to gather. We gather at home, we gather at parks. We worship God at the church! Of course, the state knows well that it can't prevent the free exercise of religion, so it uses deception to try and get one to fear.

Do we not see the bigger picture? This is about encroachment upon our rights. To fall for this is to give consent to the view that the government is the one that giveth and taketh our rights. Utter stupidity! The right to get together is not given from the government! The right to worship God is not given to us by the government!

How much are we willing to give up in the name of "safety" or security? We have already done so at the airport. We are now presumed to be guilty or to have weapons. We can't carry on large amounts of soap, water, or other thing. All this because people from outside of the country did an attack on the US. Do we really think the next time a mutation of a virus comes, they're not going to tighten the screws further? They're going to remember how easy it was to get us to give ourselves up, and push the boundaries more.

I will not live in fear! They will not take the Church away from me! I will take caution where I see necessary! I will venerate the icons, and receive the Sacraments, I will not fear while in the Church, or the church! I'm absolutely sick of the fear...people need to stop falling for it, before even more is taken away from them.

We should not fear, let us live.

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