13 January 2020

Thoughts with Joe, the Julian New Year edition.

Happy New Year! (on the Julian Calendar...the Liturgical New Year started in September). I suppose I have quite a bit to say, so here we go.

a. It is important to have various outlets. Reality is that relationships in general whatever their type can be quite complex. It's good to have multiple outlets in terms of being able to express onesself. That is to say it can be quite a burden for one person to do all the things....It's okay for the world to revolve around one person, it is not okay to be obsessive towards this end.

b. Jealousy will drive anyone away. In particular when it is not necessary to be towards that end. I believe that anyone with work can do nearly anything. I believe that it is very possible to have friendships without being attracted romantically to a person, and animals are different from people. (As adorable as they can be at times)

c. For quite a while I have not bought into the paradigm of right versus left, or liberal versus conservative. I often think that we fail to listen to one another. Even more than this, I think that we're caught up in ideology that we won't grant a point. For example, if abortion is to be legal, shouldn't there be an appeals process because life is being denied without due process? Yes, if abortion were illegal, there should be a way for the mother to have access to resources...

d. May I advise the pope of Rome to imitate the words of St Joseph in the Gospel?

e. If push came to shove, I could give tons of arguments as to why I love my Faith and such things, but I can only say one has to experience and then proceed to live. My days of giving super academic arguments are over. (It was spiritually and physically draining)

f. If I was to be called to be a priest, there is ZERO way I could do so without a Matushka. I'm not going to say I'm not open to going back though.

God bless