06 February 2012

Real Problems with society...and their obvious solutions.

As a kid I was extremely quiet. I observed what happened in the world. Many of you who know me in real life, know that I'm quite shy at least until I get to know you, or we're taking on a subject that I can talk on. Well, my observations are simple, the solutions are even simpler...They are in no particular order.

a. Marriage, what happened?

What part of "till death till you part" or "in sickness or in heath" is not comprehendible? Are those words difficult? Well, duh, what do you think marriage is? Easy, LOL!. What a joke. It's really simple...If the Cross was difficult, our lives will not be easy. Humans go through fluctuations of emotions, sometimes these are beautiful and everything works wonderfully, sometimes not so much...

This means when one's spouse is dying in the hospital, that one stick by them, don't seek the next opportunity, and especially don't go off and marry said opportunity. This means that one does not go talking to other's of the opposite sex in a non platonic manner. It doesn't matter if said spouse is going to die. Under absolute zero circumstances is infidelity acceptable. ZERO NILCH NADA! The break down of the family has lead to the destruction of society.

Solution A: Get a dictionary. learn the definitions of all the words in the vows of marriage. Next idea, stick to them. I don't care if one needs shock therapy to stay faithful. Whatever it takes. Use the family unit as your means, especially when things get rough. Everyone's suffering, unite sufferings to the Cross. Stick together.

Solution B: Those that suffer from Same Sex Attraction (I'd use SSA, but that's a Geometry Theorem). Stop trying to get married. It's not marriage. It's not a right. You're not entitled to it. You have a psychological disorder (in the attempts to normalize this behavior it was removed from the psychological disorders list in 1973ish)...It's not impossible to overcome. Anyone with Same Sex Attraction can make it to heaven. It just requires of you what is required of everyone else...chastity, poverty, obedience.

b. Leaders? We don't have any

Between the zero administration always apologizing, or blaming the Bush administration for everything, and various other people I could criticize from my desk. What happened to leaders? What happened to going against the status quo?

I'll tell you, they've been paid to shut up. It's worked, and quite brilliantly. And while I'm pontificating from my chair...I need to say kudos to the Bishops who are speaking out, but I will say it again, Bishops' what did you expect when you asked the government to play ball? Did the seminary neglect to teach you about subsidiarity? Please re-take the course, I'll happily teach it for free. (There are exceptions to this of course, Bp Nickless is one of them, one of the few I remember standing up to Obummercare from the beginning)). The government has declared war on us, where do we stand? We must be willing to suffer.

Solution: Pray to God, that Leaders stand up. I will be putting my support behind Rick Santorum for President. Is he perfect? No, last time I checked Mary and Jesus are not not the ballot. But we do need someone who will stand up and call a spade a spade...which leads to my next point

c. Islam, yes it IS a problem

I have several friends that are Muslim, and who have rightfully condemned violence that has been committed by terrorists. That said. The religion as a whole is a problem. Why? There is no centralized authority to call terrorists out or to excommunicate them as in Catholicism. The next problem being that well, it's not a religion. It is a political system disguised as a religion...The language in the following video is a bit much, but the points are valid.

d. Obedience

All I have to say...this video from 2:06-2:28...for your edification

g. Word usage, how people can be so stupid....some prime examples.

a. Breast Cancer Awareness month: I'm perfectly aware of Breast Cancer. My mom died of it...How about changing the name to something better, like Breast Cancer Solutions? I'm perfectly aware....all too aware, and I think everyone in the country is too. 

b. Nice...Did you ever read the word origins in the dictionary? It derives from the Latin word nescius--to know nothing. Don't call me nice. Don't believe me?....here ya go: Middle English:  foolish, stupid < Old French:  silly,simple < Latin nescius  ignorant, incapable, equivalent to ne- negative prefix + sci-  (stem of scīre  to know; see science) + -us adj. suffix

I'm not an English major, but I do believe in the proper use of vocabulary. 

Prayer Requests

1) For my friend who is undergoing surgery. 
2) For my family
3) For conversion of the world

Until the next time I decide to blog...

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