29 May 2012

7/2 Time-out Tuesday: The impressive covers version

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This week's version is sponsored by covers. Typically, I don't like when artists cover other artists. I prefer original work. However, I make exceptions for those with actual talent that can sing...and by that I mean Ms. Jordan Pruitt, whom I've blogged about before.

1. I turn to you-Christina Augilera. The most impressive thing about this very short version is that she did it WITHOUT the music to the song. Ridiculously impressive!

compare to the original...

2. Love the way you Lie-part 2-JPru. I think I've had the song on here before...but I've never actually compared it to the original. Since no one told Rhianna this, I will, Rhianna, you can't sing, but Ms. Jordan can. :). I really could listen to Ms. Jordan sing all day...anyways

vs. the original (or rather, the below is a bad cover of the above ;))

3. Enough with my Jordan Pruitt non obsession. It's been a slow news day. Actually it's been a slow weekend, so this week in stupidity will have to wait until something stupid shows up. 

7/2 The blog owner has graciously decided to share with you more of his fancy handwriting. 

27 May 2012

I really need to vent...so here we go.

1. One of my biggest annoyances, is when people try to place me on some crazy pedestal and proclaim me as "genius" or "smartest person in Idaho."I often feel that once people do that, it places a barrier. It places me in a position where people are afraid of my intelligence and afraid to hold normal conversations with me. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! If you want to know why I absolutely detest being called such, now you know. I hate the attention that comes with it, I hate the absolute shunning by society once they see that "you're one of them." (Not that I'm a heavy extroverted person, I'm not, but it would be nice to go into the world and not be referred to as the crazy smart dude that lives right around the corner. I recognize my own talents, I know I have them, but, really...zip it.

2. I'm defensive because I do not take to anyone attacking my person lightly, I don't care who you are. Dare do something that crosses the line, and thou shalt pay. On my list of accomplishments are getting a professor fired for calling me stupid, being thrown out of seminary, and a few other accomplishments. I don't bow down to the altar of political correctness and I'm not afraid to say what needs to be said. If something's in error I call it what it is. If something is wrong, I'll say something. I am a fighter...I don't play to lose the game.

3. I only consult those who are experts in the field that I have questions in. Why would I ask someone who didn't major in physics a physics question? That makes sense right? Of course not. So therefore, I did not complain when the book was erroneous. I sought 2nd opinions. and if the 2nd opinion agreed with me, I tossed it, if not, I taught what the 2nd opinion said. People act surprised that I ask for help, LOL, I'm just particular about things. If something doesn't sound right, I will say something, but only to those that understand my language. Thus I speak physics with physicists.

4. Let me just say...In my case, silence means multiple things. It could mean anger, it could mean depression, it could mean, contemplation or it could mean, I'm still plotting...which the last one is typically the most common way I use silence. Simply because i haven't mentioned something does not mean I don't know about it, it simply means, I'm preparing something, what that something is...it's mysterious...otherwise...live life normally...assume nothing....The kettle thickens...

5. I tend to like this Ann Barndhart person....let me copy and paste...and then add a few of my own.

I do not understand how it is that this isn't glaringly, beat-you-over-the-head obvious, but whatever. I'll explain it. Listen up. Especially if you have a hat shaped like the blade of a posthole digger in your wardrobe, and people actually call you "Excellency."Withdrawing health insurance (like Franciscan University at Steubenville, Ohio), shutting down schools, closing adoption agencies, soup kitchens or ANYTHING ELSE in "protest" of ObamaCare and the HHS "mandates" is EXACTLY, PRECISELY, TOTALLY and COMPLETELY what the Obama regime wants.
Further, the reason why the "press" has OBVIOUSLY been given the order to keep all of this quiet and to not report in any way on the lawsuits filed by the dozens of various Catholic organizations this week against the Obama regime - the largest religious legal action ever taken against the U.S. government by a long shot - is obvious.
The Obama regime is sitting back and watching all of you cowardly fools fold your own tents. None of the stupid bread-and-circus addicted crowd knows anything about any of this. You have to break out of your narcissistic little world and understand that even though these things are earth-shattering to you, uh, most people in this country don't even know that their "government" has declared war on the Church.
So, in a few months, after you all have played right into their hands and shut down your facilities, hospitals, schools and services, congratulating yourselves on your "brave protest", the Obama regime is going to make a ginormous propaganda offensive telling all of the stupid TV-addled idiots that the Catholic Church doesn't give a crap about "the people" because they have shut down their hospitals, schools, their soup kitchens, their adoption agencies and won't even provide health insurance plans to the poor, poor youths attending their universities. The Catholic Church hates "the people", hates charity, hates sick people, hates women, hates children, hates poor people and is hoarding all of its money.
Oh, but the Obama regime LOVES you. The Obama regime will provide you and anyone else who joins their Free Shit Army with all of the "free healthcare", "free education", "free food" and free unicorn farts they could ever want or need.
Listen, you fools. YOU DON'T SHUT ANYTHING DOWN. You keep going exactly as you have been, and you force those dirty rotten SOBs to literally storm your hospitals and shut YOU down at gunpoint. And I'm not kidding. Make them physically shut down your hospital by dragging you out at gunpoint. Make them physically shut down your schools. Make them shut down your university by force because you won't cover abortions in your student health plan. Make them physically shut down your soup kitchens. Make them shut down your adoption agencies because you won't hand a baby boy over to two men who like to jam various and sundry body parts up each others' rectums.
In other words, STAND AND FIGHT.
The only proper course of action is total non-compliance with these totalitarian edicts of the regime, and FORCING THEIR HAND.
Anything less than that, and you LOSE. MEN fight wars. If you refuse to do your duty and act like MEN, then the war is already lost. And make no mistake, cowardice is a grave sin, and you will answer for it.
Every bishop is given a crosier upon his ordination to the episcopacy. A crosier is a shepherd's staff. It is a six to seven foot long staff that a shepherd uses to beat the crap out of wolves. That's your job. Beating the crap out of the wolves - not killing all of the sheep yourself so that there is nothing left for the wolves to eat.
I really couldn't of said it better myself. we need to fight, period :) Perhaps I wouldn't have called them fools. but I can't blame her, for years the Bishops' conference has just been the democratic party at prayer and to some degree have brought this upon themselves.

22 May 2012

On Religious Liberty, Cardinal Dolan, and Teaching...Rants

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, I haven't gotten around to it...so let me go on ahead and say these things...

  • I think this whole argument on "religious liberty" is bogus. Let me explain: There is no law that prevents the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or preventing Bishops or priests from teaching the Catholic Faith. I think arguing against the various moves by the Zero administration on the point of "religious liberty" is rather pointless. All the gov't would have to say is that we're not preventing you from celebrating Mass or preaching, and they would probably win. Now don't mis-understand me, I am for the Church standing up and defending herself in not having to fund contraception and abortion with her money. (It would be hypocritical to be preaching about something and funding it at the same time). The Church need only to argue this point, not even on a moral stance, but on the stance that they as owners of their own property (in this case money) have rights to see where that money goes. The gov't has no ability to dictate where anyone spends their money. (Thank God for this).  Forget the whole moral argument for a minute. Why does the Church need to pay for someone to die? That doesn't make sense. (And while I'm on it, prisons probably shouldn't be taxpayer funded either). Why does the Church need to pay for someone else's decision to use artificial contraception? Perhaps though, the Bishops should explain the Church's teachings on both, and WHY the Church teaches what she teaches...tends to make a lot more sense than this ambiguous statements on "religious liberty." 
  • I probably one of the few in the Catholic Blogosphere that is not in the Cardinal Dolan cheering section. I'm sure that he's quite a nice guy and a very well meaning guy. That said, I think that the jolly demeanor gets very taxing. (Might have to do with the fact that I'm VERY introverted) and often undermines the points that he tries to make. There are also times that have left me wondering "WT?" Did he say what I thought he said? ...This video comes to mind...A few other things come to mind...He's a Cardinal of Holy Roman Church, and I respect that....I'm just not in the cheering section.

  • As a student, I always adjusted to the teaching style of whichever teacher I had. I never once blamed the teacher for something. Students lack respect in their own abilities to make good out of bad things. What happened to the virtue of hard work, really? What happened? 

7/2 Timeout Tuesday: The Prediction edition

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1) On the SSPX thing:

My predictions are as follows. The canonical set up will not quite be an ordinate or a personal prelature. Thanks to Summorum Pontificum, the juridical equivalence of the OF and the EF has been established. Bp. Fellay will be raised to the dignity of Archbishop, and Cardinal Ranjith will be appointed by the Pope to see to the smooth transition. The independence like a diocese, but with a very sympathetic to Tradition to speak to.

The Pope will then have a 2nd wind of energy...and many changes shall happen.

2) The Lakers

Mike Brown will get fired...and replaced with who should have replaced Phil in the first place...Brian Shaw

3) The listed people that are on a mental list that would never be written down for the sake of my own sanity.

Will be reminded in an extremely direct manner that nothing has changed on my opinions about their particular situations. Change sucks...period. I find it absolutely hilarious when people think that my opinions change...they don't :)

7/2) I gave a bonus TWIS video on Saturday...so I'm a bit lazy to make a new one...

18 May 2012

And we've beenPart 1: played for whimps

And here's how I got there...

a. Holy Days of Obligation (or lack there of)

1) We were too afraid of offending the protestants, so we don't celebrate Ss Peter and Paul as a holy day, when we should in Communion with the Holy See...screw the PC police
2) Going to Mass twice a week was too difficult..so Ascension, Corpus Christi and Epiphany all got transferred. St Joseph got dropped too (Holy Day in the Church Universal, but not for America of course). I guess it's great that we care about Mary, Mother of God, as long as she doesn't fall on a Friday or Monday, then poof she disappears.
3) And so, somehow, someway a few survived...Christmas, All Saints (oh wait, not if on Friday or Monday), Immaculate Conception and the Assumption...(they would have probably been dropped, if she wasn't our Patroness)

Enough with the Political Correctness. Bring back the Holy Days! ALL OF THEM! Especially when it's not convient

15 May 2012

7/2 Time out Tuesday...the comments edition

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1) Now that my youtube channel is up and running...if you're not subscribed...you should be...link here: I come out with videos on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The comments that I've received on last weeks video are quite interesting...It's quite interesting once you take a position...People come after you....and just wait for the video on Islam...but being threatened because I take a stand on something, I guess is part of the territory...I'm thinking this week will be much lighter in fare.

2) Speaking of this week's video...This week's video

Farmville....and missing a target....seriously

3) My high school math teacher for my last 2 years Mrs. Makárova gave me some pretty good advice on teaching: Be consistent...She gave me better advice on life...1) Get a job 2) Plant a tree 3) Write a book 4) Get married 5) have kids....1-3 are covered...(either in the past tense or present)....I should do 4 and 5.

7/2) I read the headlines claiming Obama to be the "first gay president." So does that mean that Obama is a practicing homosexual? If so, where's his partner? Or does that mean Obama is happy? and if so where's the proof? he seems kind of angry to me.

09 May 2012

Thought of the day

 I think the whole problem in the gay marriage debate goes exactly back to the 1968 Loving vs Va decision. In my opinion the SCOTUS correctly sided against the ban on interracial marriage...however incorrectly argued their point. When they said that marriage was fundamental right, this was in error on their part because marriage can be renounced (2nd half of the definition of inalienable), we don't have a right to someone else's sovereignty, nor is there a legal guarantee of faithfulness to marriage....They simply should have said that marriage is not impeded by skin color...that's it. Since marriage is a fundamental right according to the SCOTUS, by definition, marriage can't be denied to those who seek it without due process. I say this as someone who does not support gay marriage. If we expect to win the "battle" for gay marriage, the "fundamental right to marriage" needs to be removed from the records before any formal change can be made. Semi-logical coherent rant over.

08 May 2012

7/2 Timeout Tuesday...The difference one thing makes.

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1) Last week, I spent the weekend with friends of mine and their family. Two of their daughters got confirmed. I guess my age showed...I got all the references made in this Phineas and Ferb episode...

2) So I've heard today is national teacher day. I've made no secret about my sincere thanks to my friend Mrs. Makárova for her support and friendship through the years. She was my HS math teacher, and made sure that I understood physics very well. She is one of the smartest people that I know...and her attitude about it makes it great...she's extremely humble about her knowledge. 

3) I happened to be in Reno...where I met Paul from Cygnus' Sphere and went to lunch. The schola sung a beautiful Mass....Here is a picture of the Cathedral

7/2) There will be no physics problem this week...but there will be this: Me in the local coffee shop with said books. 

01 May 2012

7/2 Timeout Tuesday---The unsolicited advice edition.

hosted by AOA

1) Pictures can be stolen...and photoshopped. And then used against you...be warned ahead of time. Be careful of what pictures you post. They can and will be used against you.

2) As the old saying goes, if you're going to explain something, explain it right....don't dare be caught explaining in correct physics in front of me. I will hammer you. Or in this case random person at starbucks who thought they knew physics.

3) The secret project is almost done...it has been hard work, but I think all of you will like the project and appreciate the work I put into it :D...

7/2) The normal physics solution for this week...will be oral...but right now it's too loud to make the video...so I'm going to post it in the morning, so check back in the morning for the video. :)


Here is said video...I hid my hideous face on purpose...