31 July 2012

Chic-fil-a....some thoughts

I completely stand with Chic-fil-a for taking a stand on a position. I happen to agree with their stance. I believe that everyone has a right to an opinion (whether right or wrong) and they also have a right to express that opinion. 

Chic-fil-a is getting flack because this position is not exactly kosher with popular culture and the tendency of popular culture to be socially more liberal than conservative. For goodness sake, I love all of the homosexual so called rights movements, saying to boycott them. (Of course what they do with their own money is their own decision). 

If an organization takes a position. Does it automatically imply that EVERYONE in that organization agrees with it? What the owner of Chic-fil-a does with his money is HIS business. 

As for the whole eating at Chic-fil-a on August 1st, I can't...there isn't one in Grangeville, ID. 

However, when i do find one, I will.

7/2 Time-out Tuesday....the vocation edition.

Thanks as always to our gracious host AOA

1) I know it's been a while since I've really discussed vocation things. I guess today would be a good day to start. As many of you know, I'm a former seminarian. As people also know, I don't really have a great ability to forget (let alone forgive) the things that happen to my person. However, here's food for thought...I remember a class during seminary where the priest asked "If your vocation was marriage, how many of you are ready to get married TODAY?" Me being very reserve in my own person did not answer aloud, but I did answer yes to that question. I had someone in mind when I thought of the question. I knew who it would be, where it would take place, the number of kids, and everything that goes with the sacrament of Marriage. I would be lying if this was the only time I thought about marriage during my time in seminary....

2) Marriage is the sacramental union between one man and one woman. Nothing else can be called marriage period. Love is the total gift of self for the sake of another. The ultimate example is the Cross, Jesus dying for our sins. Love involves BOTH the physical and the spiritual. To separate love from the act of pro-creation, would be creating a false love because it would not be the total gift of self for the sake of another. For the homosexual, the only thing that comes of physical acts is "pleasure." It ultimately is an act that is focused on the interior or of self, rather than for another....I've made a few videos in dealing with this subject and I've received my fair share of hate mail. Which reminds me, I probably should get back to making more videos....

3) I can't say that I fully agree with the terminology "falling in love." Rather, I believe more along the lines that love finds us, when we least expect it.  Often times it is said, that love is an emotional thing, which is necessary. The emotions that are attached to love are not necessary for love to exist. The emotions may be there, or they may not be there. Love is an act of the will. One can't love if one does not will such to happen. It can often be very difficult to will to love. But it is true that love does conquer all....and always will, the Cross is love.

7/2) So, what does this mean for me? Well, you'll just have to wait and see. Keeping people in suspense is much more fun :D....but I promise the suspense will not be THAT long....

18 July 2012

I would have sworn...

a. That 1 of the commandments went  something along the lines of this:

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods.

What I find interesting is this perpetuated class warfare is a form of envy (One of the 7 deadly sins).

It is not wrong to be successful. It is not wrong to do with money as one wishes. I don't see why people are mad at Mittens for doing with money what he wants. It is his money. The fact that he decides to put some money to avoid taxes....If any of us were in the same positon we'd likely do the same thing...It makes sense to keep as much money as possible.

b. That tax dollars fund congresses salaries...so of course they're going to buy their own things on our dime.

c. That getting up in the morning was supposed to be difficult

17 July 2012

Updates, and things people have wanted to ask, but think I'd probably kill them (and they're right)

I probably should update this blog more often with my thoughts...however I travel a lot for work, so finding internet is sketchy at best :p....anyways, here we go with the update things.

a. Some people are probably wondering why I haven't updated the blog. Here's the reason: For work I do a lot of travelling, and finding internet has been difficult to say the least. It'd be nice to be able to sit and write for a change. Of course there's a drawback, I don't have an office or any kind of portable scanner. That does suck :p...means that work for some of my classes can't get done. 

b. Sometimes, I think God purposely sits and waits til the last minute for things. I had been praying for summer work to show up...It got close to me being evicted from my apartment. But now all is well, I get to travel, and be paid to do so...so it's a good thing. Do however pray that a job in my actual field (math and physics) shows up though. I don't like not using the things that I've learned :).

c. I really believe that all problems are meant to have a solution. Often proposed solutions are worse than the problem itself....The jobs that I have been doing haven't been much, but I realize how much a knowledge of physics would help these people. The systems that are made are often made at points where there shouldn't be stress....but anyways, ranting aside. 

Onto part 2...the questions I know people want answered, but are afraid to ask. 

1. Joe, I notice this zombified look, what can I do to fix it? 

A. Absolutely nothing. The only reason I bring out the "look of death" is probably because of the fact that whoever is getting that look has done something that I don't like. To which the immediate reply is, how is dating (insert intruders name) worth the look of death? Well, in short, that would require me to reveal things at this blog that I'm NOT comfortable telling the general public. Deep down the answer to the question is completely obvious.....But if you really want to know the answer....ask....and the answer shall be given. 

2. Why is it that you do x in one group of settings, but y in a different group?

A. In certain situations, it is easier to be myself than in others. I do not believe in the over indulgence of things. I think that all recreational activities should be done in moderation. Drinking included. Yes, I'll have a beer or a glass of wine, but no, I will not get drunk off of it. I like fun just like anyone else. I simply know boundaries and stick to them...

3. Do you know the solution to your vocation crisis yet?

A. Well, THAT shall be revealed in due time...as for now, keep praying....And while you may think due time is now, it isn't. Emmy and I have a deal in place...for this...and I know that she'll do a good job at what she has asked to be involved in :).

4. I haven't heard your thoughts on Church issues much...

A. Well, I do have a lot of backed up entries....don't worry, I'm still Catholic, and go to Mass weekly :)

5. I can add driving a motorhome to my list of accomplishments...along with having a few different beers.....

Hope that all of you are doing well.

Pax Vobis

16 July 2012

I have a lot of updating to do

But it isn't going to happen overnight...I'm still here. I haven't had the chance to sit at the computer and start working :)

03 July 2012

7/2 Time Out Tuesday....The Independence day version (or so what some think)

as always AOA is our gracious host.

1) Tomorrow is of course July 4th. Which gives me an excuse to make fireworks. But alas no materials to do so this year. So I thus have relatively creative solution for this "problem"....Oops, I better not say anything....that could get me...

2) In Grangeville, ID, we have something called border days....I must say, my taste buds have been satisfied quite nicely....While I'm not going to pull a Father Z, here's a sample of nom noms :D...

3) There are 3 dates I have in mind for a marriage potentially....more discussion about this on a later date.

7/2) I'm sitting here outside, and I would have sworn I saw my ex best friend. But I know she would not make it to Idaho to come see me. I know that for a fact!