24 April 2012

7/2 Time out Tuesday...The don't piss me off edition.

Graciously hosted by AOA

1) You know, I've been though a lot as a kid. I got picked on...so I tend to be rather defensive when people start attacking my person. I will find out who you are, and I will put a stop to whatever is being said about my person...In this case...someone walking around claiming that they're my g/f......Be warned...I'm GOING to find out who you are and put an end to it...

2) I'm a bit of a perfectionist..if you doubt me or say I can't do something...that provides fuel to prove you wrong :D. You should see how much scratch work was thrown away just because my R or my theta didn't look correct.

3) Did I fail to mention how much I love Jordan Pruitt?...In case I haven't mentioned her enough...here's another song by her :)...Fluidity and effortlessness...I heard that this was the original and Rhianna did a cover of this...but I could be wrong.

7/2...I have another problem I've solved...here's another fully worked out solution to a circuit problem from my physics book. This is problem with 3 resistors in parallel, and the problem wants us to find total resistance, total current, and current for all 3 resistors which have same resistance. In parallel circuits, current divides and the potential difference doesn't change.

22 April 2012

Her voice is effortless...this is why she's good in my opinion :) <3...Can't wait for album number 3...you bet I'm buying it :D

Some thoughts...

1. Let me just come out and say it: The fact that Mittens is left is an absolute failure on our part. We have not learned our lesson. It will not surprise me if Obama wins. I believe in miracles....but....

2. I'd never thought I'd see the day where I can honestly say, I fell for someone when I first met them.

3. I am sincerely thankful to all of you that have been praying for me. It's been a rough few months, but I am okay.

4. My inner Californian is not very patient...hence if a good opportunity comes, I will take it.

5. More updates to come...

17 April 2012

7/2 Time out Tuesday Vol XII decisions edition.

hosted by AOA

1) Effective 04/27/2012...my Facebook profile will be deleted. Timeline was the last straw. The fact that you absolutely must allow thing x,y, z in order for said app to work. Timeline was the last straw. Not that there's anything to hide, but I did like the fact that history button didn't exist on facebook. Now that it does..I've decided to ditch facebook completely. I will be using google+, twitter, plurk as my social media.

2) So, I hear the SSPX may have signed the preamble....Deo Gratias! I can't wait for them to be regularized in the Church. It will do a lot of good for the Church as a whole. Great decision SSPX :D

3) As the Liturgical umm perfectionist that I am...someone asked me what settings I'd use if I did get married...here they are...

7/2) There will be another annoucement...in 2 weeks or so...stay tuned. 

10 April 2012

7/2 TIme Out Tuesday Vol XI

the usual host AOA

1) I hope that all of you had a blessed Easter...Mine was a replay from the 1970's (please put down any drinks and or anything in your hands before viewing this video...)...I kid you not "Lord of the Dance" was our recessional hymn...Epic, epic fail by the "Liturgy committee"...somethings really aren't meant to be sung in Church...this is one of them.

2) There will be a big announcement coming in the near weeks....stay tuned....it's BIG....

3) Hopefully I'll finish video editing....it's going to take a while..

7/2) No IQ update this week....Lots to think about....keeping things short and sweet this week. 

02 April 2012

Thought of the day

Spiritual Directors are good, they help organize crazy thoughts that go inside one's head. Now imagine being confused since June...hence where I am now, and why I'm glad I have one again.