18 April 2019

Were in Joe goes off on all the things. 

  1. Let’s start with the tragedy in Paris.

It is precisely our love (however weak that it may be) that drives one to build such a magnificent temple. For those, you that wish to do donate to the rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral, by all means, do so. There is no need to have a false dichotomy to seek to build a beautiful church for Our Lord, and the love of our neighbour. 

Look there are tons of problems in the world. And as the old saying goes, one person can’t solve all the things. 

I can only speak to myself, but if I was one of those people blessed with billions or even millions of dollars, I wouldn’t want anyone to know, if I donated to a cause, or sought to fix a local thing…There are many people that have this strange idea that rich people are just sitting of tons of money hiding in their magic safe, ala Scrooge McDuck. I’m pretty sure this is not how it works. Forgive me, but are we supposed to be envious and tell others what to do with their money? I hardly think that this is okay! 

Could perhaps those with more do more? Of course, all of us could do better for that matter. As the old saying goes, many hands make light work. Put another way, be the change that one wishes to see…It’s much easier to take people seriously if they start in the mirror before they project onto others. 

I pray God they keep modern architects, Fr Vosko, anyone who would dare want to wreckovate. Rome is already in bad enough shape, they don’t need to add more salt to the wound. 

b. Blame Russia for all the things. 

Yes, this Is meant to be a joke, and not taken seriously. This isn’t to say that Russia is, by all means, perfect, by zero means do I think this, rather, I tend to think if you’re going to blame Russia for something, at least blame them for something they actually did. The question to ask is this: Would it really be in Russia’s best interest to deal with a person they don’t know about, or rather someone that they do know about? Trump and Russia are not a thing, and even if it were so, you’re all friends with me, you shouldn’t worry so much. 

c. To all my Western Christian friends

May your Holy Week be blessed. 

d. Celibacy apart from the Monastic tradition

Makes little to no sense. Humans, in general, do not desire to be alone. Put another way without prayer, it is near impossible to carry this task. The structure of the monastic life makes it much much easier to carry that cross than without it. (This is not to say it’s full-proof, certainly, it is not). I believe a return for the West to electing Bishops from the Monastic ranks would help much in this regard. 

If one is going to have secular priests, well, I guess the title says everything.

e. Since It’s Holy Week next week for us old calendar people.

Please keep us in your prayers :)