30 November 2012

Thought of the day

We've been using politics to solve a problem that is deeper than politics, there in lies the problem.

29 November 2012

Thought of the day

It's still not Christmas yet...don't we have Advent?

The Project for the Year of Faith

By a whopping 2 votes you the people have voted for weekly Scripture reflections with references to the catechism. Thank you for your votes....This project shall begin on the 1st Sunday of Advent.

I will likely be taking Scripture references from the Mass propers (as it will be easier to write a reflection with respect to a given theme :).

I look forward to doing this project as well as doing my part in the new evangelization....

28 November 2012

2 hours to vote on my poll

To determine the year of Faith project that will start on the First Sunday of Advent, if there is a tie....well, we'll figure it out later...vote, vote vote :D

Thought of the day

It becomes harder and harder to avoid people that one purposely tries to avoid

27 November 2012

7/2 Timeout Tuesday: The sad state of our culture edition

h/t to AOA for hosting once again....

1) I've often heard it said that one can tell much about culture through what it promotes...1st things first....What does it tell us of our culture when people get excited for "Teen Mom 2"...Teenagers don't need TV shows, they need to keep their legs closed and stay in class and avoid liberal indoctrination....I won't be wasting time watching this...There's enough things to pollute my brain with....Of course I remember when they actually played music on MTV....now they should just name it liberal indoctrination TV. That, or hedonism TV, either one works...

2) In a world where the economy's not great, people struggling to find work, the corruption of the government, and they STILL put back in power BHO....That's not just sad, that's absolutely pathetic. It's no wonder we're slipping in education, we can't even do basic arithmetic that involves the reduction of 16 Trillion dollars. Screw all the effects of what's going to happen as a result...Incompetence just rules the day....I have no faith in people....

3) Oh yeah, the USCCB annual meeting was a few weeks ago....almost forgot....There were some good comments by Cardinal Dolan on the need to go to Confession, but as usual, as with every good thing that comes from them, things get undermined indirectly....problems with extroverts ;)...

7/2) I've started a new blog dedicated to my work in my fields called order points to Truth....I hope to be able to give explanations on various phenomena....

25 November 2012

Weekly intentions 2

For this week the 7 things in your charity I'd like you to keep in your prayers.

1) For a speedy recovery of my former chemistry teacher from his surgery.
2) For the health and safety for Christians in the Middle East...especially for those falsely accused of crimes.
3) For an increase in devotion to the Liturgy of the Hours by the Faithful
4) For the release of the souls in purgatory
5) For the health and safety of Pope Benedict XVI
6) For the rubrics to be followed out of love for the Church and her teachings. For the faithfulness to follow the rubrics, even when they become painful for the human body to do. In particular for the act of genuflecting.
7) For the reconciliation of enemies and for the acknowledgement of Absolute Truth in society.

19 November 2012

Thought of the Day

It is nice when prayers are answered. The parish that I was confirmed at no longer pours the Precious Blood of Christ after the consecration :)...Thanks be to God! Archbishop Gomez is having an effect and it's visible...Words don't begin to describe my joy.

18 November 2012

New weekly feature----Weekly Intentions

Yes, I'm Catholic, of course I used to write a whole bunch on the Faith, alas that will be coming back at the beginning of Advent...vote in the poll if you haven't :)

I'm doing a weekly intentions feature, I'll list some of my intentions (for the week...i'll list 7), and by commenting, e-mailing or tweeting me, I will pray for your intentions as well :)...Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons we have in this fight against evil...let's use it.

My intentions for week ...

1) For the conversion of sinners back to the Faith
2) For the prosperous marriage of my friends Daniel and Vangie
3) For an increase in fidelity to the rubrics of Holy Mother Church
4) For His Divine Will to be accomplished.
5) For an increase in vocations...to all states of life
6) For the repose of the souls of all those forgotten.
7) For unification between the Russian Orthodox and Roman Churches.

Tell me your intentions, and I will remember them in prayer, and during the Liturgy of the Hours, Mass, etc.

15 November 2012

Thought of the day

I'd take the Bishops' slightly more seriously if organizations weren't being funded with CCHD money...

12 November 2012

Thought of the day

The road to hell is paved with good intentions...Evil is a warping of something that can be used for a good. And there's a reason that evil is portrayed as something attractive.

11 November 2012

Thought of the day (In Russian)

Я работаю проблему полностью.Решения продемонстрировали все этапы

09 November 2012

Thought of the day

It is the simple things that are always taken for granted because they're engraved into our memories on autopilot.

Year of Faith Poll

My dear 9 readers of this so called blog...I have a poll for you to do...that will be located in the side bar. I have 3 projects for the Year of Faith, I'm considering starting during Advent....please vote. :D...this poll shall close on 11/28/12 at 11:59 pm...


07 November 2012

Thought of the day

It's hard not being able to express certain things. I guess it gets easier ove rtime. But perhaps not so much. Pax Vobis

06 November 2012

Post Election thoughts!

Fortunately, my thoughts are not dependent on who actually wins the election, as that's completely irrelevant to what my thoughts are....

  • Insanity is doing the same thing over again, and expecting different results. The GOP is insane! They didn't learn that running a moderate vs a liberal, the liberal will ALWAYS win. Why is this? The answer is simple, liberals are themselves, moderates have to pretend to be someone they're not. Mittens had to pander to get votes (aka pretending to be pro-life) , Obama had a secure base. Those that saw right through both clowns (aka myself) were not going to be played fools and vote for one in spite of the other. Principles were going to be held to regardless. To translate, Mittens losing is entirely his fault, and no one else's but his. 
  • People like free things....the culture of entitlement rules the day....in spite of whatever consequences there of. 
  • As I've stated before on this blog, the argument for Religious Freedom was never going to fly. Why is this? Again, the vast majority of people don't work for a religious employer, and the vast majority of people are INDIFFERENT to religion in general. What should have been argued was WHY abortion, contraception are evils, instead of trying to get the gov't to leave us alone. If people have no clue WHY something is wrong, they're not going to care. We decided to try and appease the culture of indifference rather than fight it. 
  • A lie becomes a truth, if you believe it long enough. The Obama campaign kept hammering home that Mittens was going to do things that he wasn't going to do. (Aka: ban birth control, take away abortion so called rights, etc). Unfortunately, a slight majority believe in this entitlement culture as I mentioned previously. People are manipulated by the media....Mittens should have never ran based upon his actual record. Sorry!
  • America is a man-made institution, it's going to fall sooner rather than later. Only the Church that God founded will survive...Period!
  • Penance, penance, penance! Let us all start by making acts of reparation for the sins of America, all of us!
  • I will say, that yes, I have thought about moving out of the country....not to avoid punishment...but to pursue higher advances. Good thing I'm fluent in Russian :)....Something tells me I'm going to need it. 
  • May God have mercy on all of us, May He have mercy on all of us, myself being a chief sinner. (No, I didn't vote for Obama)
  • Apparently arithmetic is something America needs a re-education in. 16 TRILLION can't be decreased by increasing spending. 
  • Evil is the warping of a good intention. People don't see evil because everything is wrapped around a good intention....Good intentions have bad consequences, the road to hell is paved with good intentions....;)
  • However, worry not, the world has plenty of time before ending....This is only the beginning. 
  • Dear friends at the USCCB, withdraw your money now, stop taking money from the gov't, enough with the political correctness, enough with the tax exemptions, moral cooperation with evil can't be accepted....appeasement with the gov't isn't going to work....I hope you've learned your lesson!...
  • My dear Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants, our Hope is in Jesus and not in man! Don't lose sight of this....

7/2 Timeout Tuesday...the non-election version

Thanks to AOA for being our host once again....

1) I must say, last week in Confession, somethings were placed into perspective for me. Our Lord was spat upon, mocked, abused at the first Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Yet St John and Our Blessed Mother did not leave the Cross, nor have their faith shaken. Just something to think about if you're stuck in a parish with ridiculous amounts of Liturgical Abuses....definitely brought some humility to a person that needed it.

2) I'm very excited for 2 of my good friends who will be getting married in a couple of weeks. I've known them for a long time, and look forward to giving the best man address....I guess I should avoid all sarcastic remarks and actually say something nice about them. But that would totally be not keeping in tune with my character.

3) One of the best compliments I have received lately was about me doing Calculus. Apparently, I was able to do a series problem on command. Proof that even the craziest mathematician has his moments of awesomeness.

7/2) It is extremely difficult being fluent in math and physics in 2 languages. Really it is, I think in Russian, and teach in English, it's rather difficult at times. It makes me very appreciative of Mrs. M for assisting me in English....I know how she feels now, now that I have that knowledge :). God Bless Mrs. M :D