10 November 2011

On Penn State, and the presidential debates.

a. Penn State situation.

I have a bit of a unique perspective. I am in education. I work for a school, and need to tell you a different side to this story.

i. No teacher is permitted to act on behalf of the school without administration approval.

This is true regardless of whether you're in elementary education, or higher level education. That is to say, the autonomy in a classroom is limited, regardless of what situation you're in. A teacher can not under any circumstances say I represent a school or department without approval from the administration. For example, when I taught at my old school, I had ability to represent the physics department. Why did I have this ability? Because I was the head of the department. Now, I don't represent the entire school, just the physics department.

At my current school, I can still represent the physics department (I'm the only teacher), but not the entire school.

In a teachers' contract, or usually employment manual, there is the chain of command to tell of major events to. This includes sex abuse. The reason for this is to protect everyone that is involved, alleged victim, school, accused, etc. It is not in the teachers' pay grade to investigate situations once they are reported. If the teacher or professor does investigate, this could be tampering with witnesses and those that are involved and could potentially make the situation worse than it already is.

One can argue that Joe Pa needed to do more, and of course hindsight is 20/20. But once something is reported to the administration, it is up to the administration to take care of the issues that have been reported. The teachers are usually not expected to follow up on situations once reported. For example, if I need to order a compass for a school,  I would place my order, and the administration would take care of it. Now if something hadn't been done for like a month or so, I'd check on it, but, I don't expect to have to do that, I expect the people that are in position of authority over me to take care of the job that I assigned to them.

I really place blame more on the administration than Joe Pa for this fiasco. Could he have done more, yes, but EVERYONE in Administration needs to be fired, not just the president, EVERYONE!, If you're going to fire the coach for doing his obligation, everyone that didn't needs to be fired as well. All that should be considered in this situation is consistency.

b. The presidential debate.

Honestly, The Media wants either Romney or Perry to win to guarantee 4 more years of Zero. With everyone seeming to fall, Rick Santorum is rising to the top. He is the one that I agree with on most of the issues. We need someone who will stand up for Faith, Family and Liberty. Rick Santorum is the guy for that.

I didn't get to watch the presidential debate. I heard that Perry had a huge gaff, in forgetting something. It happens to everyone, granted not on such a big a stage. We know Zero has a teleprompter and can't speak without it. Likewise for any president, they'll have help. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Perry's not going to win.

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