30 April 2013

In the news....

a. The Gosnell trials

I really don't have words to describe the horrors that happened in the murder factory (I refuse to acknowledge such places as doctor's offices). Apparently there are closing arguments going on. I have not kept up much on the trials, but I do know one thing:

I have zero confidence in the justice system, if OJ can be found innocent, anything can happen.

A doctor does not kill intentionally, there is no such thing as an "abortion doctor"

b. Jason Collins? Who

Don't tell me it's "brave" to tell the world who you choose to sleep with. Apparently gets a congratulatory phone call from the occupants in the white house. Who one chooses to sleep with is not anyone's business. It's kind of funny, an issue that would have been ignored or no big deal is now made a big deal now that it's in public. Again, it's the seeking of public approval of things that are not required to be approved by anyone. It was bad enough when Griner came out the other week. The hilarious thing is that we know that these people have these inclinations for the most part and these public revelations are not shocking.

c. Boston, Texas

Further proof that the gov't should not run health insurance, hospitals, etc. They can't even catch the guys WHEN THEY HAVE THE INFORMATION. They should have never been let into the country in the first place.

d. Prayer Requests

If y'all in your charity can continue to pray for my sister, I'd really appreciate it....and for a special intention which I will mention in public later.

29 April 2013

Thought of the day

Don't tell me announcing who you choose to sleep with is "brave." I really don't need to know who you sleep with, or your personal preferences. Enough with seeking public acceptance. No one is obliged to accept something they do not believe in.

28 April 2013

Thought of the day

Someone asked whether love was a merely feeling or an emotion: I said, neither. It is an act of the will. It is something that always must be worked at. Feelings and emotions go on highs and lows, and if those were the basis of love, God help us all because I really don't think society would be able to function if love was merely an emotional feeling of self satisfaction....thus endeth my thought of the day.

27 April 2013

Thought of the day

Looking back on last year's test I gave to my high school students, I was extremely difficult....Maybe I should have toned it down...but then again, no, I have high expectations, and they will be reached.

26 April 2013

18 April 2013

Thought of the day

Is it necessary to read into every single piece of information? Can't things be taken at face value anymore?

14 April 2013

The Three Little Pigs: A revision

 Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs. One lived in a house of straw, the other wood, and the last one brick. There was a wolf who was prowling the forest and found the 3 houses next to each other. The wolf knocks on the house made of straw, then puffs the house down....The pig was sleep and awoke to no house. The pig got turned into many porkchops and was delicious. Yet the wolf was not satisfied. And so the wolf goes to the wood house again to find the pig sleep, and the wolf blows the wood house down...The pig got turned into many baby back ribs with barbeque sauce, and yet the wolf was still not satisfied. And so lastly came the house of bricks which of course could not be blown down, so the wolf goes into the house, takes the pig alive and turns him into glorious bacon...and the wolf after finishing the bacon says, "and now I am satisfied." and heads to sleep...The end :p

13 April 2013

Thought of the day

If You treat your friends like this, it's no wonder you have so few....St Teresa of Avila

10 April 2013

Thought of the day

It is a temptation to get so caught up in the intellectual world, that one forgets to live out what the intellect knows. This is not to say there is such a thing as too much intellect, rather, it's to say that our own minds can become idols if we are not careful.

09 April 2013

Thought of the day

If Lent was supposed to end a couple of weeks ago, the message hasn't been received quite yet...

06 April 2013

Random thoughts on a bus ride home

  • It's a little more than deja vu...it's more like down right nightmare...Pray for my sister, she's having surgery next week....Not so good memories still haunt me.
It seems that my friend Emmy and I have a new developed routine every time I visit...food and a church...We ended up at St Monica's in the beautiful city of Santa Monica.....Here's a picture of St Therese and of the altar. 

  • So I hear North Korea wants to start nuking the US...Kim does realize the fact that we can turn North Korea into a parking lot within 30 seconds right? Kim, go have a snickers...
  • My friend said I have tons of patience around kids and should avoid letting that being taken advantage of....probably good advice.
  • Pray, pray, pray.....things are about to get interesting