21 October 2012

Thought of the day

Being attacked by monkeys is a good thing, especially if your monkeys are as adorable as these ones :)...*nota bene: these are my niece and nephews)

19 October 2012

Thought of the day

If the election were based on the popular vote, than a vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama. However, since it is not a direct election of the president by the people of the United States, a vote for candidate x is a vote for candidate x.

18 October 2012

16 October 2012

7/2 Timeout-Tuesday: the 3 cubed birthday edition

Thanks to AOA for being our gracious host....

1) Today just happens to be the 27th birthday (yes, 3 cubed for you non math majors :p) of the author of this blog. Which means I'm only 3 years from turning 30....Where in the world has time gone? It seems like yesterday I was much smaller than this, and had a ton of energy to stay up all night.

2) I must confess, there is a certain person I want to spend my birthday with. It's not happening. I'm rather angry about it....It's not a good thing for me to be mad on my birthday.

3) This is the one day in the calendar that it is all about meeeeeeeee. Therefore my wish is everyone's command. I thus command that all of thee comment and say wonderful things....:D

7/2) Well, as far as treats for myself, I'm not sure what I'm going to get myself, but I'll get myself something special...:)

15 October 2012

09 October 2012

7/2 Timeout Tuesday...the 1 week before my birthday edition

Thanks to our gracious late night host AOA

1) It's officially 1 week before my birthday, which means I guess, I should start listing what I want for my birthday....Well, I'm just going to come out and say it, the one thing I actually want for my birthday isn't going to happen any time soon, nor probably ever. It would be an absolute surprise....

2) I've still yet to decide what I'm doing for my birthday....It will probably be something small without all the attention that normally comes....

3) In your charity I would appreciate more prayers for a situation. What will come of it is up to God and his providence.

7/2) The quickest way to get to my heart...is through a few of my favourite things...that, and actually being within reach.....

03 October 2012

Thought of the day

It's kind of funny, how you can be completely angry at a person, and that person just smiles at you and the smile melts any anger you might have towards that person....either that.....

02 October 2012

7/2 Time out Tuesday....the Angel version

h/t to AOA for being our host of course.

1) Today is the feast day of the Guardian Angels. Just so we're clear, no, we don't turn into angels when we die. It's probably a good thing, considering Angels can't offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or even have the possibility of being redeemed, they're a bit jealous of us...(if that can properly be ascribed to angels). Angels serve as God's messengers. We each have a guardian angel (no, you should NOT name your guardian angel...read my friend Fr. Cory's post for more details)...I must say, my guardian angel has been working overtime...

2) Just so we're clear also, the ANAHIEM Angels, are NOT in LOS ANGELES!....regardless of how stupid their name might be...(Sorry, I refuse to call them the Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem) ...I just don't roll like that...Of course I am a Seattle Mariner fan...all loyalties aside though...

3) I swear, it's not even past my birthday, and we're talking about Christmas. Count that under my top 30 annoyances. October is the month of St Therese, Halloween, and my birthday :)...I love Jesus and everything, but the Nativity is not until Dec 25th...patience people.

7/2) I do ask for your prayers. I'm in a state of confusion about a situation I've managed to find myself in....There will be  no details given on this matter....