29 June 2013

11 years ago....

On this day my mom died...So thus in your charity if you can remember my mother today, and my family in your prayers today, it'd be much appreciated :)....I'd write some long entry today....but I do not have it in me to do such...so please pray for me...Thanks.

28 June 2013

Thought of the day

I will bet anyone that those that screw around with the Liturgy, probably have something to hide.

27 June 2013

My thoughts on DOMA and Prop 8 and Homosexuality

**sensitive language alert**

As I've been soaking in the news, this was of course going to be worth a comment, I have quite a bit to say on this....but first thing, let's get to the heart of the matter.

MARRIAGE IS NOT A RIGHT! MARRIAGE IS NOT I REPEAT NOT A RIGHT!, not for me, not for you, not for anyone, orientation irrelevant...We've discussed the reasons why, but I'll happily repat them for your viewing pleasure

a. There is no obligation to be married to any person
b. Marriage can be freely renounced
c. You have no right to someone elses' soverignty 
d. You can't transfer your marriage to another person.
e. Tax benefits, visitation, are not necessary for a marriage to exist.
f. There are restrictions as to who can marry, without meeting these conditions, one can't be married.

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE SOMETHING EQUAL THAT ISN'T EQUAL..That is to say there are fundamental differences...

a. All marriages have the possibility of life, which is necessary for the continuation of civilization. 
b. It is not possible for 2 people of the same sex to bring life out of their relationship
c. Love is not merely an emotional high, love is first an act of the will that involves sacrifice and the giving of self to another, it is not possible for people of the same sex to conjugate...

Even if the scotus says otherwise, there is no changing the above, while the law contradicts the natural order, laws do not change the natural order, just the temporal. 

I completely disagree with the decision that scotus (no longer capitalized) came to for the following reasons:
a. The legal means via California law were followed to add an amendment to the state constitution, and was approved by the AG to be voted on, and while slim, the measure was approved.
b. Since the state of California did not choose to defend the law (as it has the legal obligation to do)...the fact that someone else substituted for them, should not infect the decision making process.
  1. judge Walker had a vested interest in the case and should have recused himself from the trial. 
  1. The things such as visitation, insurance, hospital rights, can all be determined without marriage. 

  1. Effectively, if someone fails to defend a law, we’re out of luck. Of course, that shouldn’t surprise anyone...The feds don’t even let the states enforce the fed’s own laws on immigration. This translates to we need to put people in power that will defend the laws we put on the books. Of course in California there’s an epic case of stupid that’s been going on for probably longer than I’ve been alive. We keep putting in the same politicians expecting different results....I’d have to say my home state has a case of insanity...Especially since they expected the that’s so 70’s (or 80’s I forget when Brown was governor last) re-run of governorship...
What’s pathetic about this is that the will of the people is once again overturned in the cases of activist judges who seek to put their own agenda above the will of the people. (If we’re going to have self governance, the will of the people might as well happen) and the not so wonderful geniuses in the supreme court have agreed with this non sense....

II. Apparently, I’m a homophobe for disagreeing with SSM. Now let’s get this straight, I’m not afraid, I’m absolutely disgusted by such behavior, it nauseates me to my stomach. Forgive my language the thought a man sticking his penis in another man’s anus (or boys for that matter) flat out disgusts me. I do not think such a behavior is right, or should be practiced anywhere....the fact that people want this kind of behavior recognized in public ceremony...bad news, public knowledge gives me a right to speak my opinion...I am under absolutely no obligation to accept such behavior from anyone, nor do I have to give a public assent to this.  

I’m sure someone’s bound to ask, how does SSM hurt you, well, I’ll be happy to tell you: An ex of mine (who shall remain nameless) cheated on me with a girl...that was one of the most demoralizing, embarrassing experiences that I have ever had to go through in my life. And I hope that none of you would have to go through this in your life. It’s the fact that I gave everything, and to be treated in such a matter is absolutely repulsing....and some may say you’re using that to judge others, darn straight I am, quite frankly, anytime this behaviour comes up....those painful memories come haunting back...it absolutely disgusts, and repulses me, and if that makes me a bigot or homophobe, so darn well be it. 

  1. Whenever someone has a vested interest in something one should not be involved with the case. Trials are supposed to be objective insofar as they can be made. Why, because every person has a right to a fair trial with a jury of their own peers. In the case of defending laws, we have a right to make sure the opinions of people do not get in the way of the judgement of a case based upon its merits. 

IV: Who visits you in a hospital is up to you the individual person, if you want someone there with you, by all means, get a legal document stating so (a will or whatever the document is...lawyer friends can help me on this)....tax benefits are not necessary to have a marriage....If you want tax benefits...learn how the system works, then manipulate it to your own advantage. 

To the reading homosexual:

What you do in private, is none of my business, unless you proceed to tell me, then I may do with the information as I wish. Those that are living homosexual lives in public are surprised by the backlash, I ask, why? You’re putting it out there for people to see, what are you expecting people to do, look at you and say “okay?” Tolerance does not require acceptance. You see, the problem is that you could have been minding your own business, but once you told everyone, people will do as they do....Public acceptance is not required in order for you to live your life....;)

The DOMA law had 3 parts, but only one of them was challenged

  1. That the federal gov’t did not have to recognize SSM.

Now here’s the thing about this case, it started of with a so called SSM in Canada (the same place that infected us with Justin Bieber (yes, I will not let you Canada live that down))....The US did not have to recognize this marriage at all seeing as this is not a one world gov’t. This is how DOMA came into play, to prevent this marriage from being recognized.

Those of us that believe differently than 2% of the population, do not hate you, rather, we simply disagree with you....I know you might think that we’re hateful and vengeful people and want to deny you of “rights” (But since it’s not a right for us, it’s most certainly not a right for y’all)

I will say though, that on the DOMA decision I do not agree with the logic at all for the basis of the decision, but the conclusion is valid....An amendment should be added via the constitution if we wish to protect marriage on the federal level....

Now that I’ve spoken my piece on these 2 acts....

As we all know there’s filth in the Church, and while the Church in her human nature is by no means just all saints, as we all struggle for holiness and live the life accordingly, some sins are graver than others....homosexuality in the clergy...

This video below should be of no surprise...but homosexuality has infiltrated many....and it’s one of those things, We need to be brought to the light so that the Passion of the Church can go....My anger is beyond words...more to come...Pax Vobis

26 June 2013

My thoughts on DOMA and Prop 8 are coming

but not yet...I want to rest and get my thoughts organized before presenting them to you. :)

In a rare moment of personal revelations....

Dear __________,

You may think this letter is in vain, you may very well think of me as your greatest enemy, but I would be a failure as a Christian if I did not attempt this...I maintain hope that one day this situation will be solved, and full reconciliation will be reached...I pray for this, but I must say a few things:

1) If we do not forgive others, we will not attain the Kingdom of Heaven. I know you to be a devout Catholic, who has plenty of imperfections as do I, your faith was one of the things that attracted me towards you...I have been active in trying to show the fact that I have forgiven you for your wrongs towards me (Don't kid yourself, you know I will NOT forget), It would be nice to hear something, tis the reason that we go to confession is it not? Because God doesn't talk back ;)...It would be nice to hear those words from you, "I forgive you, Joe"...I know you well enough to a point, you are probaly thinking that by ignoring me, that you will hope that I will disappear, or that somehow by ignoring me, that the problem will somehow disappear....You know, of all people outside of my better half, you should know me well enough to know that a. I remember everything and b. ignoring me only works when I wish to be ignored. If anything, the situation has been made worse by you ignoring me. (Part of it is my fault, I'll admit to that, but as a person of completely predictable behaviours, I figure you'd notice something was wrong in my not following of a pattern)...Chances are there is no way this letter will find you...if it does find you, I hope it finds you in good health, and doing well.

2) 11 years may seem like a long time to you, but for me, it still feels like yesterday....(as you well know the surrounding events don't help)...I must say, with the 4 years of hell, there were things that I understood at the age of 16 that the vast majority of people at 16 do not understand. I'm sure that you were probably more than overwhelmed with what I had to say....but I knew of no other way to say what I needed to say. I'm sure that having a friend lose a parent was something that you never thought of when you were younger....I'm sure to this day it's still difficult to really wrap your head around. You still have both of your parents, and for someone like yourself, your life without them would be dramatically different...I'm sure you had zero idea what to do, when one of your friends who was losing his mother, also happened to be attracted towards you (if I had any control over the situation, I would have changed the timing, alas, emotions don't quite work in that manner as you well know)...and you may have very well thought that by keeping yourself away from me that you were helping me, let me tell you that the opposite is true. Even though, I was angry at you at the time, I would have had absolutely no problem with you being next to me during that time, it was rough, words really can't express the hell a 16 year old kid was going through at the time....Yes, I'm able to compartmentalize different emotions, I am after all, a guy, I have this ability...I have the ability to separate your actions from your person....The acts that you did are not a reflection on the person that you are (or rather the person I'd like to remember)....I still feel as if the person who wrote those words to me was not you, but someone masked who had no idea of my sufferings and picked the absolute worst time to come out...and if it was you...it'd mean our closeness was a lie, and God have mercy on you if that's the case....but I'd rather not believe that....

3) I was probably the only 16 year old on campus that could tell you what love was and is at  that time...I knew then that love wasn't merely an emotional high (believe me, if it was, it most certainly was an epic failure then...I knew that love involved the total giving of self...and that is exactly what I was willing to for you, I knew if you were ever threatened I would step up to protect you...(And you have zero idea how many times I had to protect your person)...it's much harder to do this today with all that has happened, but really, in charity, I should do everything to protect your person, and not take an opportunity for revenge...I again beg for your forgiveness in any sins against charity that I have done towards you...(and I of course forgive you for the words that you have said about me)

Yes, it is necessary for my salvation that you and I are able to reconcile in some way. In some strange way it will be the same for you as well. I pray for you, and I hope that we're able to reconcile at least to the point where I'm not perpetually writing to you every June 26th :p....If you ever happen to find this letter, I'd appreciate words to me, not through anyone other than you please :), I'd speak to you directly, but no ability to do so, since I live in the land of Idaho :)...God bless you!

In the peace of Christ


PS: The time that this post goes up is not coincidental....it's on purpose. 

DOMA and Prop 8 decision thoughts

Place not your trust in princes, but your trust in the Lord....That should be throbbing your head right now :)....

Thought of the day

Anyone that says "it can never happen in America" just hasn't been paying attention

25 June 2013

Thought of the day

There will never be a situation where belief's aren't "forced" on another person. It is absolutely impossible to avoid a "faith neutral" situation because each person is formed by particular values and upbringings, so the whole idea of not wanting to shove belief's down someone's throat is ridiculous because someone's belief's will be in the public square regardless of your opinion one way or the other.

23 June 2013

Thought of the day

Within a cloud of memories, it is the grace of God that gets me through weeks like this, there is now way in heck I could do this on my own.

22 June 2013

Byzantine Reflections Part II

**had to delete the original post due to some technical issues now you can see the whole thing**

Continuing with the Litany of Peace...we pray

For peace from on high,
and for the salvation of our souls, let us pray to the Lord.

One of the constant themes of the Byzantine Liturgy is our sinful nature....It brings joy to my little face to see entire families going to confession before Divine Liturgy (In the Byzantine tradition, Baptism, Chrismation (Confirmation), and First Holy Eucharist are given at infancy)...In the last catechesis on the Byzantine Liturgy we talked about the true meaning of peace. 

The next thing we are praying for is for our salvation. It is not a gaurantee as is taught in some places. Salvation is first and foremost by the Grace of God, it is most certainly something that we do not earn on our own. Because of our love for God, we do good works, those works of course are a sign of our cooperation with the Grace that God has given us. 

As St Paul tells us, we need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling (cf Phil 2, 12-13)...we constantly beg for the Lord's mercy upon our souls, and we pray that we cooperate with the grace that God gives us to persevere in the Faith....as we all know Faith is extremely difficult to maintain especially with the examples that some Bishops and Priests provide...but that makes it ever more important to rely on God and His Grace to persevere even with the wolves in sheep's clothing. 

For peace in the whole world
for the well‐being of the holy Churches of God, and for the union of all,
let us pray to the Lord. 

As we know, the Church of God, the Catholic Church undergoes persecution in varieties of places, such as China, Vietnam, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and various other countries. We remember them in our prayers during Divine Liturgy. 

Since the great schism in 1054, we have lost union with the majority of the Eastern Half of the Church....we pray for unity with the Orthodox during every Divine Liturgy....I most certainly pray that this happen during my lifetime. As many of you know, I absolutely love the Russian form of Divine Liturgy. This is what eccumenism is all about, the reunion with churches. The Orthodox are a true church, they have valid apostolic succession, valid orders, valid sacraments...this cannot be said about the vast majority of sects. (We do not consider the Orthodox to be protestant)

The thing about unity is that it's not a superficial thing where people don't have disagreements, but unity comes from Christ...In our fallen nature, I hardly think it is possible for there to be zero disagreement on things. Logically therefore it must make sense that unity comes from a source outside of ourselves....(This is why there can be competing theologies and various opinions, and still unity in the Church)

Thought of the day

I think the tendency to pray away temptations, is a bad idea, rather, we should pray for the courage to face and overcome said temptations is a much better use of our prayer life.

21 June 2013

Thought of the day

With Bishops' like these who needs enemies?

Religious Liberty...

Religious Liberty is a means to an end, but not the end of itself. The end is the salvation of souls, and their reception into the Catholic Church. Religious Liberty can be a means to this end, but it is not necessary for the end.

For the USCCB to argue Religious Liberty as an end, has always been disturbing to me, and an argument that I never thought would hold water...of course with the NY Archdiocese funding contraception and abortions, the whole Fortnight for freedom is kind of pointless, since they are already doing things that Obamatax would make them do anyway....

Instead of Religious Liberty, I won't be praying for that. I'll be praying that the USCCB sees that the gov't will not be the solution to the problems of the day, and also that the USCCB learn to stop speaking on issues that are outside of their competence.

A gov't that refuses to recognize the values of life, will probably have everything else wrong as well. Without life, there is no reason to have so called free health care, (what good is healthcare when you're dead)...To trust THIS gov't with issues such as immigration and tax reform, would be absolutely ridiculous.

The authority that the Bishops' have seems to always be undermined (by their own doing) in various ways, but as you've probably noticed, this hasn't happened overnight, it's been creeping, incrementalism for the past several decades, and now is finally coming to power in its fullness...so thus time for me to give the USCCB some advice on what to REALLY do during these 2 weeks...(which oddly turns into good advice for us too):

a. Pray to the Holy Spirit for Prudence to know when to speak....speaking on every single statement that the gov't sends out is probably a bad idea. This gov't does not support life, what makes you think they're going to get every other issue right?...
b. Fast not for the gov't to do as they ought (their hearts are hardened), but to be faithful to Holy Mother Church and be willing to be a martyr for Her....
c. Do our best in our various situations to NOT rely on the gov't for things. If we are able to get off of gov't grants, assistance, and various other things, let us try to do so...We can't afford to be playing ball with the gov't with their rules, and their hostility towards our Faith and our lives in general.
d. Put an end to any situations that are undermining your authority to teach, govern, etc....(i.e. Ending support for Aboritons, contraception, etc)
e. Using the principle of subsidiarity to solve problems...and seeking solutions for the common good.
f. Did I fail to mention prayer and fasting....

20 June 2013

Thought of the day

Never get in the woman's doghouse, it's like climbing uphill on a 90 degree angle with oil slicking the walls.

19 June 2013

Thought of the day

Am I the only one who's NOT ready to see St John Paul II, yet? While I do think he was quite saintly, for the elevation of Cardinal Mahony alone...a canonization? The devil's advocate should come back in the canonization process.

And while I'm at it, can we just eliminate the USCCB?

16 June 2013

A blessed Father's Day

The above is an icon of St Joseph and the Christ Child, which was given to everyone for Father's day. I share some thoughts for today probably because I've been reflecting on this for the past few days.

a. A Father leads.

A father first and foremost leads with his heart....A father is willing to give his life for his family, a father conforms himself in the image of Christ by willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good of the whole.

While I'm most certainly not at will to share this conversation, I can only think of talks with my dad relatively recently about what he went through with my mom suffering. It was most certainly heroic, and by no means easy, leading in the way that he knew how.

Looking at the Icon of St Joseph, we see Christ grabbing onto St Joseph's beard. I can only imagine It was St Joseph who taught Jesus how to carve wood, and St Joseph who gave Jesus an example (remember Jesus is both fully human and fully divine)....A father loves with all of his heart, we see this clearly with the icon of St Joseph and Christ Child.

b. A father protects

A father puts himself on the line for his family. A father protects his family from the wolves that attack them. I'm thinking of priests and our bishops who protect us from the wolves that surround us (some better than others)....A father does whatever is in his power to protect us from the wolves.

Think of St Joseph leading the Holy Family into Egypt, protecting Jesus from the wrath of Herod.

Our Example ultimately is Christ, and I know for some of you, your Fathers have not been perfect examples of the Love of the Holy Trinity and the love of St Joseph, but we only have one set of earthly parents....We love our parents as the 4th commandment commands us to do....

So I thus wish all of the Fathers a blessed Fathers day! Those with children, our spiritual fathers, and all that participate in the Fatherhood of God. Amen!

Immediate Prayer Request!

Please pray for my friend Tara and her husband Jim who was just shot today, as well as for Fr Erik and his parish.

Thank you for your charity!


15 June 2013

Some thoughts...

I. On the list of things that happen to personally (pun intended) annoy me is when the good intentioned protestants ask "do you PERSONALLY know Jesus" as if the Faith doesn't allow you to get close to Jesus.

a. The sub-conscious level

There are many functions that we do without thinking about them consciously. Breathing, our daily routine, various things, for me, math, physics, and various other things. When things are on the sub-conscious level, it simply means that things have gotten to be in a pattern where it no longer needs to be at the conscious level. 

Things like making the Sign of the Cross, genuflecting (Roman Rite), bowing (Byzantine Rite) are things we have done so many times that these things occur naturally to us without us really taking the time to think about it. Does it mean that we are doing these things in vain? No, it means that we do them, where we don't have to think about them, so our minds can focus on other things. 

There is a saying that if you don't use something that you will lose it. Our Faith is just like that, if it's not something that we use, or put into practice, more than likely we are to lose our Faith.*

But here's the thing about being Catholic, a sense is built that no matter whether one is a practicing Catholic or whether one isn't, there is this strange ability to relate to one another, even if one doesn't have all of the theological knowledge....

The other day, I was having a conversation with a lapsed Catholic, (whom I did invite to the Divine Liturgy) and our discussion was on the world and what was going on. He seems to get the bigger picture, even though at present, he doesn't seem to be going to a Catholic parish (with the state of Liturgy can you really blame him?)...

I think when the Faith penetrates the sub-conscious it's a good thing, while most certainly it isn't everything, and I'm by no means advocating that everything be done on this level, I think having somethings down where it is not necessary to think about them is a good thing...

The only downfall is that in this particular situation a form of intellectual idolatry can easily come about...But to presume that people have this intellectual idolatry because of doing certain things subconsciously is to be judgemental, which we're not supposed to be :p....

To quote a friend of mine "Jesus is not our therapist"...It's a healthy thing to be able to do things without thinking about them, but of course, lest you lose the meaning of things, it's always good to go back and review the basics just so you don't lose the little things....(Hence the reason I'm always happy to assist people in lower math classes, I like to remember the mechanics of the little things)

II. While the topic is on my mind...

b. Perpetual reminders from people in relationships, that they're in relationships.

I must say, it drives me absolutely insane that people are constantly public about their relationship. For goodness sake, I already know, I don't need 24/7/365 reminders that you're in one. Once is enough...the constant pictures of your b/f or g/f seriously approach the point pissing me off to no end. It doesn't mean you need to be private about your relationship, just tone it down a bit (and by a bit I mean a lot)...True love doesn't need constant reminders :)....As I've stated before, love is an act of the will, it is something that one must choose freely. If it is merely based on a emotional high or low, it will fail....

III. Pope Francis stated the obvious

Well, duh there's a homosexual mafia in the Church, isn't it blatantly obvious at this point? I'm pretty sure the Pope doesn't read this blog, but if he did, here's some advice...

Bring back the Inquisition (thanks to Mundabor) with Cardinal Ranjith, Bishop Schneider, Archbishop Mennini (Nuncio to Great Britain), Cardinal Burke and Archbishop Gullikson as heads....(the only Bishops with enough balls to do this)....Give them one simple order "clean house" ....

09 June 2013

Thought of the day

You know, constant nudges of our sinful nature, are probably a good way to get one to go to confession :)

08 June 2013

Thought of the day

Always remember, whenever you're offended, there's plenty of company...you're never alone...:)

02 June 2013

Byzantine Reflections Part I

In the next few weeks, I will be offering reflections upon each part in the Byzantine Liturgy....

Blessed is the Kingdom of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever. Amen!

In these words, are the opening of the Byzantine Liturgy. Is it not interesting the word Kingdom is used. Especially when we remember the words of Jesus saying that His Kingdom was "not of this world" (cf Jn 18, 36). 

So, what in the world could this possibly be? 

a. The first should be rather obvious, an affirmation of our belief in the Trinity. One God, 3 Persons. It is one of the central mysteries of our Faith. In the Roman Church last week was Trinity Sunday. (Sometimes called heresy Sunday because of all the possible things that could go wrong in trying to explain the Trinity)....The Trinity is supposed to be mysterious. Without Mystery we have nothing really to call us out of ourselves. There is this idea that mystery is something horrible, but mystery gives the mind something to pursue. 

b. As you'll often hear, that we're supposed to bring the Kingdom of Christ to Earth....That we're supposed to be the leaven or the salt of the earth (cf Matt 5, 13; 13, 33) It is us the laity that are supposed to bring Christ to all that we meet, and in all that we do. (And we've been doing a rather lousy job at this (myself included)...(I have been inviting people to the Byzantine Liturgy though)....the Church (none of this invisible body of believers stuff) is the Kingdom of Christ on Earth, She is the New Israel...and all man made things will have the gates of hell prevail against them. It is Christ who is the Holy One, and He allows us to participate in His Divine Life through the Church, blessed be the Kingdom indeed :D.

In peace let us pray to the Lord, Lord Have Mercy

The ejaculation, Lord Have Mercy is repeated many times in the Byzantine Liturgy...but what I want to focus on is the first half, In peace let us pray to the Lord.

In worldly vocabulary, there is often a use of the word peace as an emotion, or just the absence of violence and disagreements. While these are elements of peace, really it would be improper to say this is all that the word peace means....as the Catechism tells us (emphasis mine)

Paragraph 2304: Respect for and development of human life require peace. Peace is not merely the absence of war, and it is not limited to maintaining a balance of powers between adversaries. Peace cannot be attained on earth without safeguarding the goods of persons, free communication among men, respect for the dignity of persons and peoples, and the assiduous practice of fraternity. Peace is "the tranquillity of order."98 Peace is the work of justice and the effect of charity.99 

Paragraph 2305 Earthly peace is the image and fruit of the peace of Christ, the messianic "Prince of Peace."100 By the blood of his Cross, "in his own person he killed the hostility,"101 he reconciled men with God and made his Church the sacrament of the unity of the human race and of its union with God. "He is our peace."102 He has declared: "Blessed are the peacemakers."103

Christ is our Peace, from which all things will flow. We always pray in the Name of Christ...thus in peace let us pray to the Lord, we pray in the Name of Jesus...
, Peace Himself.

We beg for His Mercy, because we are sinners and without His grace we cannot do anything. The Byzantine Liturgy constantly reminds the Faithful of this fact...that we must be reliant on the Grace of God in order to carry out His Mission to the whole world.

The Litany of Peace, is the outline for how to go about bringing True peace to the world....we'll talk more about that next week :)....

Protect us, save us, have mercy on us and preserve us, O God, by Your grace.