About me...

  • I am a physics and math teacher, looking for a place to teach
  • I used to be a seminarian for the Order of the BVM of Mercy...God didn't will that I stay.
  • I have 2 expensive pieces of paper...they're really overrated...(math and physics)
  • I am a perfectionist...to the point where if one thing goes wrong, I over think.
  • I am Catholic...by no means am I perfect.
  • I am opinionated...yet many are surprised by what I think on somethings
  • I am 29 years old...which means less than one year to 30
  • I love many things...and dislike even more things. 
The views expressed here are entirely my own, and not an expression of either the Eparchy of Phoenix, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the Catholic Church


  1. Thanks for an interesting blog!!!

  2. hi there- are you still discerning a religious vocation? You should take a retreat at Holy Resurrection this summer- go to 'hrmonline.org'

  3. Hi priest's wife...well, the answer to that question is a bit complex, but there are somethings I'll be taking to prayer...thank you for sending me the link..God bless you!

  4. A joy to see you today at St. Jude Maronite, West Covina.


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