28 February 2020

I think we need to have a conversation

Well, it has been a while since I've blogged, I guess we have a lot to talk about from politics to life, to all the things....let's see where this goes.

a. Politics.

1. I am not here to tell you who to vote for, if you happen to be an American reader of this so called blog. I'm only going to say a few things. Despite some of the ills that we do have within our capitalistic system, I do not think that overthrowing this system, and replacing it with a socialistic/communistic system is a good idea. I do not believe that there would be any way to guarantee that it would not become a repeat of the Castro's or the Bolshevik's, Mao's, and the other so called leaders of this movement. I know far too many people that have suffered either from them directly, or the descendants of the movement. I do not wish for a return to the "coffin problems" or becoming one of the undesirables. I will not forget the story that a dear friend told me about the hell that her husband went through....Nor will I forget other stories that I've been told about the horrors of such a movement. Anyone who dares to defend Fidel Castro probably is not worth one's time. So, no I'm not feeling the bern thank you very much.

2. I find myself in a rather strange position. One could perhaps say that my viewpoints are not that of those that are in my age group, but I also do not buy into the paradigm of right versus left. I don't necessarily think that a healthcare system that covers more people is a bad idea, but I also realise that we don't have the homogenous population, nor the cooperation of the state governments to pull off a nationalised system. Ultimately, the ills that I see in society can be fixed with a few minor tweaks rather than a whole entire system overhaul.

3. On point one a bit further,  I do not believe that it is good to create an economy of envy just because some have earned much money, and some have not. The only way that one can get people to use resources the same is by force. I believe it is better to show how one can get from point A to point B, rather than to take from those who have earned. (Any charity that is forced is no longer charity)

4. Since the 2 legged creatures have had their opportunity, and have failed....it's time to elect the cats.. At least you know they are bosses and don't take any crap. ;)

b. Life

1. Obsession is bad! Not having a life outside of certain things is really bad. There is nothing that will turn me away faster than jealousy....Nothing.

2. Great Lent begins on Monday (I'm on the old calendar now). I beg forgiveness for those that I have wronged, and those I have hurt. I'll try to be better. I wish for everyone to have a blessed Lent. (And for those of you already in Lent, may it be blessed and penitential)

3. While I do not wish to get into specifics, please pray for me. Thank you!

4. Forgive me while I'm not freaked out about the Coronavirus....I have plenty of Modelo Negra, and take plenty of the normal precautions. Receiving Our Lord the Divine Physician at Holy Communion is the last place I'm worried about catching the virus from.

5. Please pray for an intention...although I don't wish to publicise it. Thank you!

c. Other

1.. Never underestimate the ability of a government to show its incompetence.