29 June 2012

My thoughts on the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare(tax) or whatever it's going to be called now.

I decided to wait a day before saying...but before I say what I have to say...

a. Today is the 10th anniversary of my mom's death. In your charity can you pray for the repose of the soul of my mother, and for my family. So it seems with each passing year it's not becoming easier, but rather more difficult. I'm unable to go home to be at mum's grave this year unfortunately. There are various situations that make this even tougher than last year of course. But do pray that I don't go crazy.

b. Onto the news of yesterday.

As we all heard yesterday the SCOTUS decided on the Obamacare reading, a link to the full decision here

I don't have the time or the energy to do a parsing line by line of this decision. I am however going to give some thoughts on the decision.

a. The decision was correct on the rendering of Obamacare as a tax, but wrong on the consitutionality of the tax. Tax bills are supposed to originate from the house, not the senate. At least that's my understanding from what limited time I was awake during gov't class. On that alone it should have been ruled unconsitutional.

b. Roberts was right to say that it is not his job to rescue us from bad decisinos that we make. In this sense acting stupidly has consequences. The key is to not make the same mistake again and putting the same administration in office, ever again.

c. Roberts has painted his zeroness as a liar by calling Obamacare a tax. Not that we didn't know that before this ruling, anyone with a brain knows it. Everyone's taxes will be going up unless this monstrosity is overturned. God willing it will.

d. It is neither a victory for liberals, nor a loss for conservatives, this decision is exactly what a supreme court decision should be. neutral.

To my friends that are rejoicing in this obamacare ruling, here are somethings to consider...

a. Insurance is a risk pool by very definition. Why does it cost more to insure a car in Compton, Ca, than it does in Grangeville, ID. It is riskier to drive in Compton, Ca due to violence and various other factors, which means one is more likely to use the insurance (which really is supposed to be used in cases where out of pocket doesn't cover), which means that it's going to be more expensive. So yes, insurance is something that you basically pay to NOT use. So thus by extension if now pre-existing conditions are covered (more risk), where are the costs for covering these conditions going to go? These costs will either result in the laying off of workers at the insurance company (this making a painful experience even MORE painful) , or will result in your insurance fees going up (either way you lose). Even though there may very well be regulations stating that companies can't do this, THEY MUST RAISE YOUR FEES, in order to make up the difference, it's simple mathematics, not even Calculus involved.

b. What has more effective results, smaller proportions or larger? If I have a class with 100 students, would that class run as smoothly with class of 20 students? For sure it wouldn't, especially if this is high school level. Instead of doctors having say 10 patients on a day, they'll now have say 50 in a day. Will the care be better for the 10 or the 50? The 10 obviously. The doctor is able to spend more time in detail on these 10, than he is on the 50. Love this very short video on it, explaining everything I intend to explain.

Remember, good intentions have bad consequences. The idea behind universal health insurance (not care) that's different...is a good one, the application there of, not such a good idea.

26 June 2012

7/2 Timeout Tuesday: The World Dictator Edition

hosted by AOA 

1) I would not torture anyone. I would merely play Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black music until they confess information that I need to know. All of my minions will have special ear pieces to filter the music. And no these pieces are not available to the general public.

2) I would then ban anyone other than the absolute dictator from playing Justin Bieber. Some may view this as being very nanny statish. Well, yes, I'm doing all of you a service by not allowing him to be played to the general populace. I said I don't believe in torture ;).

3) The TSA would be eliminated immediately. Spy drones have this problem solved already. And I'll be spying from a sleep number bed. (those things are crazy comfortable). Any idiot trying to bring a bomb on a plane will be vaporized.

7/2) All future minions will have to go through a background check....which isn't for me to find information which will be used against you....rather...I must make sure there will be no one to undermine my administration.

23 June 2012

Not so random thoughts

a. There are times when people are the presence of Christ when it so seems that Christ has abandoned someone. Perhaps I haven't been appreciative of that fact that when I my mom died nearly 10 years ago (as of next friday) through my ex best friend, God was present. I'll just come out and say it, I would give nearly anything to have this friend back in my life. I must say trying to rebuild a burnt bridge is extremely difficult and is a huge cross for me. I highly doubt that she reads this blog, but if she does read this, I hope that she knows I am sincerely sorry for everything that has happened, all that I've said, and all that I have done.

b. The body and mind don't always cooperate. As I'm getting older, this is becoming more apparent.

c. When I am world dictator, I will slow down the crime rate, by putting inmates in pink jump suits, and playing Justin Bieber in the prison everyday on full blast. I'm sure the annoyance will bring down the crime rate immediately...and if that doesn't work...Rebecca Black...any resulting hearing loss, I am not responsible for.

d. The look of death, is given in particular when I've voiced an opinion, and the contrary is done. There is no way to eliminate it. Of course it's probably true that whoever gets the look of death has been "listed."

e. I won't be praying any of the official prayers from the USCCB for the "Fortnight for freedom." I will  however be praying this during the fortnight:

Oremus, Deus, refugium nostrum et virtus, populu ad te clamantem propitius respice; et intercedente gloriosa et imaculata Virgine Dei Denitrice Maria cum beato Joseph, ejus Sponso, ac beatis Apostoplis tuis Petro et Paulo, et omnibus Sanctis quas pro conversione peccatorum, pro liberate et ealtatione sactae Matris Ecclesiae preces effundimus misericors et benignus exaudi. Per eundum Christum Dominum Nostrum Amen.

Let us pray: O God, our refuge and our strength, ook down in mercy on Thy people who cry to Thee, and by the intercession of the glorious and immaculate Virgin mary, Mother of God, of St Joseph her spouse, of Thy blessed Apostles Peter and Paul and all of the saints, in mercy and goodness her our prayers for the conversion of sinners and for the  liberty and exaltation of our holy Mother the Church. Through the same Christ Our Lord Amen

I like this one better than the official prayers.

f. I beg of thee humble readers for prayers for a particular intention. Especially for the Holy Father, and priests...a few for me can't hurt either :p.

12 June 2012

7/2 Timeout Tuesday: The Constructive Criticism version

h/t to AOA

1) The Church vocation "crisis"

I love how there are panels to try and solve problems that are blatantly obvious. The solution is quite simple, and it doesn't take someone with a degree in theology to figure it out...

a. The Truth is attractive in of itself because it is written on everyone's heart. Preach the Truth, that is the Catholic Faith, all of it, not the feminized, whimpy, insert liberal word here version of Catholicism, but the full authentic Faith. Why would anyone be attracted to a vocation that is confused about its own identity? It doesn't seem to make sense to leave confusion for more confusion. The vocation of priesthood is unique, and that needs to be emphasized. It's not a glorified community organizer. The priest offers sacrifice, he does not "preside" over the community. This is more evident in the TLM than the NO. And quit with the political correctness while it's on my mind.

b. The discipline in the Roman Church is that priests be celibate. But with the influx of the Anglican Ordinate, and many converts that were allowed to be ordained to the priesthood. Perhaps there may be a slight jealousy or antagonism towards those that have this exception. But really, something to think about, if this discipline were changed, it would be applied as it is in the Eastern Churches: That people must be married before ordination, and not after. While this move would open up many more candidates for the possibility of ordination, really in the theological perspective of the Roman Church, a married priesthood doesn't fit, where as in the Eastern Churches it does. Focus on the faithfulness to the traditions handed down before, not re-inventing the wheel

2) Be appreciative of stuff

a. I must admit when I read certain blogs, I often think to myself, how can these people live? I'm by no means the next coming of St Therese (though I have a huge stubborn streak), I have many many many faults, but I don't see why people don't realize what a great thing a first TLM is, or when a Bishop actually does something right. Believe me, I know, I'm quite pessimistic, but considering the state of the Church a mere 10 years ago, I'd say things are slowly working their way back to normalcy.

b. Recognizing the state of affairs is extremely important. The Church by no means moves fast like on a California freeway. The Church drives -10 mph in an 80 mph zone. Believe me, there's a reason why I'm not a Bishop or a priest. I'd piss everyone off by doing virtually everything us arm chair Bishops do.

3) I would never promote the killing of any...

human being...but I admit, I totally started laughing at this...(sensitive language alert)

7/2) I must say it is annoying when people mispronounce Russian names. Maria Sharapova is at the top of my names you need to say correctly...Here is the proper pronunciation