29 May 2015

Thought of the day

It is a pleasant surprise when the Bishop responds favorably to your request. It's even better when the request is followed through on. Let the paperwork begin.

27 May 2015

A prayer for pentecost

O Lord Jesus Christ, our God, You bestowed Your peace upon us and You granted us the gift of the Most Holy Spirit. And, while sill yet being present with us in this life, You continue to bestow upon the faithful this inheritance that can never be taken away. On this day, in a vivid manner, You sent down this grace upon your disciples and apostles, confirming their lips with fiery tongues so that, through them, we and the whole human race have received the knowledge of God tthrough our own ears in our own language. We have been enlightened by the light of the Spirit and have been delivered from error as through from darkness by the distribution of visible and fiery tongues. Through this mysterious action, we have thereby been taught faith in You; and having been illuminated, we bless You (+), together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, as one Divinity and Power and Authority.

You are also the Splendor of the Father, the unchangeable and immutable Image of His essence and His nature, and he Source of wisdom and grace. Open my sinful lips and teach me he manner in which and for what needs I should pray. For You know the great multitude of my sins, but their magnitude can be vanquished by Your loving kindness. For behold, I kneel before you with fear, and I cast the despair of my soul into the depth of Your mercy. Guide my life along Your ways, for You govern all creation by a word with the unchangeable power of Your wisdom; show me the way in which I should walk, O tranquil Haven of those who are forcefully perplexed. Grant the Spirit of Your wisdom o my deliberations, giving the Spirit of understanding to my ignorance. With the Spirit of Your fear, overshadow my deeds and renew a steadfast spirit deeply within me. And with Your Sovereign Spirit toward those things that are profitable for me, I may be deemed worthy o fulfill Your commandments. Let me be constantly aware of Your coming in glory when You will judge our deeds. Protect me from the corrupting pleasures of this world; strengthen me with the desire to strive for the treasures of the world to come.

For You have said, O Master, that whatever anyone asks for in Your name, it will be received without hindrance from Your Father, the co-eternal God. Therefore, on he feast on the descent of Your Holy Spirit, I, a sinner, also entreat Your goodness so hat You would grant me whatever I have asked that is for salvation. Indeed, O Lord, You are the generous Giver of all benefits; and You are a gracious provider Who gives most abundantly those things for which we ask. You are the Compassionate One and the Merciful One Who sinlessly became a partaker of our flesh; and unto those who bend their knees to You, Who became the purifier of our sins, You extend your infinite loving-kindness

O Lord, grant Your generosities to Your people. Hear us from Your holy heaven. Sanctify us by the power of Your saving right hand. Cover us beneath the shelter of Your wings, and do not despise he works of Your hand. We have transgressed against You alone; against You only have we sinned, but only You do we worship We do not know how to worship a strange god; neither do we stretch our our hands O Master to any other god. Pardon our transgressions and accept our prayers that we offer on bended knees. Extend he hand of Your help to all of us. Accept the prayer of all as f it were pleasant incense, acceptable before your most gracious kingdom.

Lord O Lord, who delivers us from every arrow that flies by day, deliver us from all things that walk in darkness. Accept the lifting up of our hands as an evening sacrifice. Deem us also worthy to pass blamelessly through the course of the night, untempted by evil things; and deliver us from every disturbance and apprehension that comes to us from the Devil. Grant compunction to our souls, and grant hat we may meditate upon the trial at Your fearsome and righteous judgement. Nail the fear of You to our flesh, and mortify all of our earthly body members so that during the quietness of sleep we may be enlightened with the vision of Your judgements. Remove us also from every unseemly dream and harmful passion of the flesh. Then raise us up again at the time for prayer, fortified in tthe faith and advancing in your commandments.

Through the generosity and the goodness of Your only-begotten Son, with Whom You are blessed together with Your all-holy, gracious, and life-creating Spirit (+), now and ever and forever. Amen

Well let's look at some things

It's come to a point where I'm annoyed, sick, whatever you want to call it. At some point and some time, a few things need to be looked at....

a. The Pope

Lay people have zero authority to depose him, period! Even if the Pope was to proclaim heresy, we do not have the authority to depose him of office. That job belongs to the College of Cardinals, and in their absence, the diocese of Rome, period. There's been a lot of say about a few things of Pope Francis own doing....here and here

Certainly here at my blog you're not going to get BSed, and we're not going to make excuses for these things. What was said is what was said, and at this point, there's no use trying to change someone that refuses to change.

The issues at stake are definitely not a change in dogma, it is impossible for this to happen. If Vatican II has taught us anything it's that even with no change in dogma whatsoever it is more damaging to change the praxis of the Church. You'd think after witnessing the collapse for 50 + years that they'd learn their lesson, but then again, Jesus knew what he was doing leading the Church in charge with humans.

God help us all, let us pray for the Church as she goes through this passion.

As for the appointment of Fr Radcliffe....personnel is policy...that is all.

b. Some vocation thoughts....

It seems rather interesting to me that people see something in me. Rather it's humbling, I know how great I am not, and know of my own weaknesses. As such it was suggested to me that I consider sub-deacon ordination in the Byzantine Rite....And after taking it to prayer...I've decided to continue in that route...

If you could pray for me, that'd be totally awesome :D....I know I should probably update this blog more, but alas, tthank you real life.

Thought of the day

Rome does not have a monopoly on theology or praxis...but with this point, there needs to be a respect for each of the theologies, and never an imposition of one on the other.

20 May 2015

Thought of the day

Eventually, even I reach a breaking point, and deletions need to be done. One can only push for so long before one pushes back.

07 May 2015

Thought of the day

Dear the 70's, please, please, please take your theology, logos and other ideas back, and don't return them...Thank you.

05 May 2015

Thought of the day

It's a good thing our faith is NOT based on consolations, if so, perhaps it should be re-considered. Feelings come and go, and sometimes those feelings have very questionable motives.