27 November 2011

The New Translation....winning

a. The new translation at last night's vigil Mass went very well. No one really messed up. Father stuck to the texts that were in the missal. No Ab libbing. Mass felt more reverent and people were paying close attention i thought to what was going on at Mass. We all know my position, it'd be a whole lot easier if the Church just went back to Latin...but hey, it's a good start.

23 November 2011

Some thoughts...

a. The dignity of the person is violated when things become strictly about politics.

I am without a doubt 100% pro-Life from conception to natural death. The problem with the pro-Life movement is that it seems to be a merely political thing. That is to say instead of trying to change the culture (which is what we're called to do)...it's just a mere ploy for political gain.

To make matters worse, there are divisions within the pro-Life group. There are some that are against abortion, but pro-contraception. There are others that are for various other crimes against life. The ONLY way that the pro-Life movement is going to be successful is if it succeeds in changing the CULTURE. Not just for a political gain of some type.

b. Why re-invent the wheel?

This coming sunday in English speaking Catholic Churches there will be the new translation of the 3rd edition of the Roman Missal in the Ordinary Form...It got me to thinking, why are we re-inventing the wheel? Why don't we just use Latin...and let people have whatever translation they want. After all, the Mass isn't addressed to us for the most part anyway. I know in many places we've heard this "it's about us" attitude, but it really isn't. It's about the worship that is due unto God. It is Calvary made ananmesis. So, as to avoid having to learn something else, I'll just reply in Latin...no need for a translation.

c. Why do women have to be so confusing?

Here's the thing. If someone says something, I take them at face value. If you say that you love me, then I accept that. You can't merely expect to do a complete flip of personality within time. In particular, I say this because it's one of my biggest annoyances: If you're not ready for something, don't jump into it. Don't jump in and later find out. Hearts will be broken in the process it's better to wait and fully be prepared than to jump in and have to jump out because of something. All of us have various things in our past that can hold us back to varying degrees. The past to some degree brings us to the present. It's a whole lot easier to allow people to help you overcome your past rather than break their hearts and leaving them. So yes, as of monday, my g/f broke up with me for "time" and "I still need to recover from..." (Chalk that up as time number x that I've heard the same excuse)....

d. Song lyrics

Ever had the situation where particular lyrics speak to a situation that happens?...Well, Evanescence's the change is a good song at the moment...

UPDATE: As to part e, I'll be seeing the ex tomorrow at 1:30 to hopefully iron things out and get things right. I do ask for prayers...I'm not always known for being politically correct. I really don't think that she understood how much that single action, screwed everything big time. I don't think also she realizes that I know what she's suffering with :)...of course, I'm by no means a genius...I just put pieces to a puzzle together :D

19 November 2011

Some thoughts for the weekend....

a. The conditional clause...the I hope you don't get mad...but

Ever notice that when someone says that, the direct result is that you get angrier than you would have been?

Here's the thing, if you have something to say, just get to the point. Don't make the wound worse by putting clause in front of it. Just say the hurtful thing and let the stabbing begin. Don't try to soften the blow, you already know what you have to say is going to solicit a reaction one way or the other...get to it.

b. One of the 5 things I actually learned...

Taking mental notes is much better than blasting heads off right then and there. No need for me to get angry anymore...I just take notes and put them in the bank to use them whenever I please. I simply call it elimination of irrational thought..No one thinks rationally when they're angry. All rationality comes when you're calm and have time to deliberate...a whole lot easier to run my life that way.

c. Relationships...

Take time to develop...and don't just happen overnight. There is a ton of growth that happens in weeks, let alone months. Pray for mine.

13 November 2011

Some updating...continued.

a. Hindsight is always 20/20

At this point last year, I was discerning to be a priest and of course fighting the temptations that came along with it. I must say that I learned a ton. At the time that I found out about me leaving the order, I was a bit distraught, but as usual, God knows much better than me.

I am happy to say that I'm in a relationship with a wonderful girl that I've met here in Idaho. I remember when i was debating about the decision to ask her out, I don't regret giving her a chance. It has proven to be a very good thing for me.

I had opportunity to talk with my former postulant master for a bit today. Finally that I am on my feet and a bit more comfortable in where I am spiritually, I made the call. He was glad to hear that I was doing well and about where i am in my own discernment. I finally had the chance to thank him for giving the opportunity to discern with the order, and to test my call. In all opportunities, God has his hand right in front, showing us something. I hold no anger towards any of the friends that I made while I was on east coast...Initially things are difficult. But God heals.

b. Kathleen

Is wonderful...details and pictures later

c. Pray for me...I need it :D

10 November 2011

On Penn State, and the presidential debates.

a. Penn State situation.

I have a bit of a unique perspective. I am in education. I work for a school, and need to tell you a different side to this story.

i. No teacher is permitted to act on behalf of the school without administration approval.

This is true regardless of whether you're in elementary education, or higher level education. That is to say, the autonomy in a classroom is limited, regardless of what situation you're in. A teacher can not under any circumstances say I represent a school or department without approval from the administration. For example, when I taught at my old school, I had ability to represent the physics department. Why did I have this ability? Because I was the head of the department. Now, I don't represent the entire school, just the physics department.

At my current school, I can still represent the physics department (I'm the only teacher), but not the entire school.

In a teachers' contract, or usually employment manual, there is the chain of command to tell of major events to. This includes sex abuse. The reason for this is to protect everyone that is involved, alleged victim, school, accused, etc. It is not in the teachers' pay grade to investigate situations once they are reported. If the teacher or professor does investigate, this could be tampering with witnesses and those that are involved and could potentially make the situation worse than it already is.

One can argue that Joe Pa needed to do more, and of course hindsight is 20/20. But once something is reported to the administration, it is up to the administration to take care of the issues that have been reported. The teachers are usually not expected to follow up on situations once reported. For example, if I need to order a compass for a school,  I would place my order, and the administration would take care of it. Now if something hadn't been done for like a month or so, I'd check on it, but, I don't expect to have to do that, I expect the people that are in position of authority over me to take care of the job that I assigned to them.

I really place blame more on the administration than Joe Pa for this fiasco. Could he have done more, yes, but EVERYONE in Administration needs to be fired, not just the president, EVERYONE!, If you're going to fire the coach for doing his obligation, everyone that didn't needs to be fired as well. All that should be considered in this situation is consistency.

b. The presidential debate.

Honestly, The Media wants either Romney or Perry to win to guarantee 4 more years of Zero. With everyone seeming to fall, Rick Santorum is rising to the top. He is the one that I agree with on most of the issues. We need someone who will stand up for Faith, Family and Liberty. Rick Santorum is the guy for that.

I didn't get to watch the presidential debate. I heard that Perry had a huge gaff, in forgetting something. It happens to everyone, granted not on such a big a stage. We know Zero has a teleprompter and can't speak without it. Likewise for any president, they'll have help. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Perry's not going to win.

06 November 2011

Epic Failures of Society

1. Justin Bieber....just because
2. Barack Obama...honestly, how can you think a man can give you everything you want. He's not God, heck, he's not even Christian, dude only worships himself. Anyone who voted for Zero should have any degrees or diplomas revoked, since clearly you didn't have enough intelligence to see through the guy.
3. Evangelization...All of us fail at this. The biggest enemy to there being more Catholics, is Catholics themselves. Of the many things we insight about...altar girls, Communion in the Hand, Ad Orientem, etc. All of these things being important don't get me wrong, but how about we start by looking in the mirror and seeing how we can be better before we start fighting over things.
4. Moral compass...Honestly, how can someone not recognize the fact that a human life begins at conception. This is obvious. Humans don't produce monkeys (No, kids bouncing off the walls does not equate them to monkeys.) How can we equate things that aren't equal. Sorry, so called gay marriage is not equal to real marriage. Period. There is no argument that you can pull that will change that fact. In order for things to be equal they have to produce the same result. The issues could go on.
5. Government in general....We've become enslaved to entitlements. We must have, since when were we entitled to anything? Heck, we're not even entitled to heaven! Our landing in heaven is dependent on God's grace, and our cooperation with it. Problems are best handled at the local level...period. Government has created a new form of slavery/robbery and is very successful.
6. Occupy Wall Street..Really, Wall street is a mere symptom of the real problem....if you want to be productive, don't go to wall street, go to congress. or better yet, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!


7. Anyone who believes F = ma. Acceleration does not cause force. Acceleration is a description of motion. Force is a cause of a change in motion. The logical way to write Newton's 2nd Law is a = F/m, not the other way around. I could rant on that, but why....
8. Glee...another just because
9. The environmental movement...Plants and animals don't equal humans. sorry.