10 March 2016

Today would have been my mom's birthday in your charity can you remember myself, my mother, my sister and dad in your prayers. :)

01 March 2016

Some thoughts on Election 2016

This goes regardless of whether someone is in the liberal or conservative camp...and applies to all things really, but for this specific instance I'll use it to apply to politics...

One thing I must say that I'm sick and tired of are people using the reactions, the headlines to form opinions of the candidates, aka letting the media form their opinion.

Instead of going to the actual source, the candidate themselves....they use the reactions to what was said....For example the whole situation about building walls to help curtail illegal immigration. Does building a wall suddenly make one magically anti-Latino, or suddenly not Christian? Certainly not...(Lest anyone get confused, I'm certainly not going to be voting for Trump, but I do think it's a matter of justice to actually listen to what people are saying before forming an opinion)

This of course isn't to say that we can't listen to interpretations....Often times interpretations help us to see things that we may have not originally seen from the words themselves, but the primary source, should be the original texts, transcripts, and not interpretations there of.

I'll use an example from physics, many people wonder why I'm so strict in my interpretations of the laws of physics, it's precisely because going back to the original sources, one can see exactly what was said..Prop 24,  Theorem 19, book 2 states: For the velocity that a given force can generate in a given time, in a given quantity of matter is as the force and time directly, and the matter inversely. (or v/t = F/m...)...hence the law should be written as a = F/m, rather than F = ma....

For any decision that we make this 2016 election season, let us, use the words of the candidates as our base, and not the media interpretations as our base. ...The point, primary, rather than secondary sources should be our point of reference for education and learning....

This whole election cycle has been a complete joke...if these are the people we're stuck with, I officially give my endorsement to the following candidate: