09 May 2017

On all sorts of topics

To say that things have been rough lately is perhaps an understatement beyond all comparison.

Let's begin....

a. A dear aunt of mine passed away on Sunday morning. (May her memory be eternal). I was very close to my aunt, and the circumstances with everything made things even more difficult than they already were. As I often like to say, If one thinks that one can witness the last words of their grandmother before they stopped talking, died, their aunt to suicide, and having to watch their mother deteriorate before their very eyes and somehow come out normal, one must be a special kind of stupid. Screwed up for life? Yep, that's me :).....And to make matters worse, mother's day is this weekend, so the perpetual advertisements, make everyone who's a mom stand up in church time of year is here.....Guess who's going to attend the vigil Liturgy in hopes of avoiding all this? Yep, me!

b. It is quite frustrating when people are so stuck in their interpretations of tradition, they fail to see other perspectives, and hear things out, there's so much misunder4stading about the Orthodox that I may well dedicate a post to correcting some misinterpretations of the Orthodox.

c. This is more of a slight rant than anything else. It is not necessary to give every single facebook page a "like" or constantly beg for attention through. That is the quickest way to not get attention from me at least. Begging doesn't look very good, and while I know the algorithms are often based on the "affirmation mentality"...Maybe I'm of the mind that beauty attacts unto itself, and doesn't always need to be begged for.

d. The hardest part with being a perfectionist when it comes to certain projects isn't actually finishing the project, but rather, being completely unsatisfied with the work perpetually. So the videos that I'm trying to produce keep staying in perpetual edit mode.

e. It's not even worth commentiong on Rome right now....

f. Please continue your prayers for various intentions of mine :)

God bless