17 November 2015

Some thoughts on Islam, refugee status, and stuff.

Holy God, Holy and Mighty, Holy and Immortal, have mercy on us

Certainly there are different schools of Islamic thought (Shite, Sunni, Salafi, Wahabi, Sufi, etc), and most certainly not all Muslims are terrorists, and people should not act stupidly as to start accusing all individuals who practise Islam of being terrorists or supporting these kinds of activities...A discussion does need to happen on this subject...

Only one problem, since Islam does not have a central authority that can speak for it, there's no real way to get these different schools of thought together to hash out certain issues...(And even if there was a central authority for Islam, it's not like they'd actually get any media play on the TV, because it doesn't fit the agenda...Several Muslim leaders have come out and condemned these actions, certainly a good thing, but there needs to be more)

Islam has roughly 1 billion practising members, even if only 2-10% are the terrorists, that's roughly 20 000 000 - 100 000 000 people, which is by no means a small number at all. (Just under 1/3rd of the US Population at it's maximum)

The leaders amongst the 98% need to get together, mobilize, condemn, and get their message of condemnation out in the public...Normally, I'm not exactly a social person, but for this particular means, it should be done. They need to humiliate these terrorists and make it abundantly clear that this kind of thing will not be tolerated within the circle of Islam....And if these things are done, immediate consequences will take place....

Otherwise, silence will be interpreted as an indirect participation in the actions of the terrorist thug no lifes..

This is a dialogue Islam must have with itself to figure out...at some point, this needs to be addressed, and I certainly hope it's before WWIII, or whatever's supposed to happen.

Likewise, when it comes to refugees, there are certainly those who are true refugees fleeing from ISIS, but there are also those with alternate intentions to say the least. I certainly can't blame the so far 28 states that have refused the refugees to this point. It is sometimes better to side on caution, rather than to give any opportunity to a possible attack. (Granted, they'll probably get in through the open states, so there's not much of a point, but whatever)....

Yes, we should help our fellow man, but that does not mean we let our reason escape the door. If anyone poses a threat, we do what we can to protect ourselves or our families from that threat at play. We don't generally welcome people within our own circles without some idea of getting to know them, even if on an initial level. Why do we not do the same here? Make sure these people that are coming are truly who they say they are, and if they're not, kick them out.

Of course, since we all know that the government is much too lazy to actually do the background checks, I wouldn't dare trust them with the open boarders.

You'd think after watching these countries in Europe go through these attacks, we'd learn our lesson, and be more cautious....but of course not, since chances are we're probably involved in some indirect way anyway.

Let us pray for conversion...for everyone, ourselves mostly, because we can't give what we do not have.

09 November 2015

Thought of the day

Welcome to America, where a non-Christian company, decides to not print something on their cups, people get outraged over the cups, when they should be outraged at the overpriced, horrible excuse of coffee they're paying for....Yep, sounds legit