25 October 2019

I think it's been a while since I've blogged.

I suppose having finished the 34th birthday octave is a good time to write. (Also I don't have much to do while sitting at my desk)

a. I don't support echo chambers. If I wanted to hear what I thought, I'd just say what I think. In general my opinion is kept to myself, and I often prefer to hear what others think. It's not that I don't have opinions on issues. (Rest assured I have them), I like seeing how different people process information differently. From that, we have a basis from which to form a conversation. Notice I did not say debate. (The reality is, you're not really going to convince people via argument (There is a time for debate too))...I do believe that once we can see where one another comes from, from there, while we may not be able to come to a conclusion, it will not turn into the complete ugly fest that we see these days.

b. Yes, I have been following the Amazon Synod. The arrogance to put it politely is so off-putting, it's a self inflicted embarrassment. God bless those speaking up, and the "restorationists who moved the "statues"

c. I've moved to the UK. If there's one place everyone needs to go, it's the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos and Royal Martyrs in Chiswick, just behind Gunnersbury Station. Pictures do not do the place justice. But you can see and feel the Faith in people. While I'm at it St Prokop's church in Hamburg is also a church that one must visit. (My phone is broken, otherwise I'd have pictures up)

d. I have a belief that if one is going to pay for something, that it needs to be worth the cost. Put another way, if I'm going to pay 1 euro for a bathroom, it well better be spotless like my mother would have it :p. (Well, for any price really). Free bathrooms are a gift :p

e. While I'm at it, I don't really like cancer sticks.

f. The fact that Tulsi Gabbard is in Hilary's war path, almost makes me want her to win the Dem nomination. (Actually, it does). On foreign policy/Hilary, she has nearly a degree of sanity. On everything else, not so much. She's seemed the most sane of the bunch (That's probably not saying much). I pray that sanity somehow return to the election process. In positive news, I will be eligible to run for president as of next year....As the old saying goes, I can't possibly do worse than all of the other politicians.

g. Allow me to share with you something I found beautiful :)


h. For those of you still here, I keep all of you in my prayers, and hope you do the same for me.