13 March 2020

Coronavirus...nothing new under the sun...

It seems as if during this whole panic, the world is ending, the use of the brain has fallen.

a. Coronaviruses are nothing new...a rant on panic culture.:

Here's a link to a page about them: https://www.sciencealert.com/coronavirus

Here's a link to different types of coronaviruses here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/types.html

First things first, if one feels sick in any way, stay home...period.

Habits that you should already be doing, continue doing those...alright,  enough of the PSA...

Mass panic tends to bring the stupidity of of people and bring it to the forefront. This seems to work every time....and it's not even limited to sicknesses...

A major terror attack happens in our country, by a non American citizen....suddenly a few weeks later, poof, we're taking off shoes, emptying bags, limited on the amount of soap one can carry on a plane, treated as if we are all guilty of a crime even though none of us did anything wrong, or the vast majority of people would even think to use a plane to crash into a building....All in the name of security, while in reality our right to presumption of innocence has been taken away. (At least at an airport)

Someone goes shoot a bunch of people with a gun...Boom, we need to pass a law forbidding "mentally ill" (an ambiguous term that can be used on anyone or anything without a cause), or we need more of a background check. (Where anything and anything could be used against people), or someone on a particular medication, or has issue here...As if allowing ambiguous terms to be left undefined won't be taken a mile, by those that are in power.

Now the world is on lockdown all because of a different strain of something that we know. All the things are being canceled, the mass hysteria is ridiculous in my opinion. It's even carrying over to many churches East and west...

God Himself is greater than our human knowledge and understanding. God himself is not the source of sickness. Come to the church without fear. We receive Our Lord in the Eucharist, if one doesn't believe that, one should not approach the chalice.

Obviously take precautions as need be, but do not fear, God is with us.

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