04 September 2014

Some thoughts on sport and social engineering

The engineering of society to go along with agendas has certainly been done throughout time, but it's been really amped up in todays world.

Take the NFL with two particular issues of the day...the nickname of the Washington Redskins, and Michael Sam

We have everyone and their neighbor trying to get the Redskins to change their nickname, for the sake of political correctness/social engineering. Here's my question: If the name was so darn offensive, why didn't the Native American community say something AT THE TIME OF THE DEVELOPMENT? As with anything before a project goes forward, objections are raised, different scenarios are looked at before choosing something.

Now it looks like you're crying wolf because it's popular in todays culture to not be offensive, so take advantage of the tendency to social engineer and promote change. They have gotten a few to change their names (or logos to a more neutral concept)...I'm sorry, I never read anywhere where there's a situation where people have a right to not be offended by something? Should we ask birds if they're offended? How about the Catholics? It's rather simple, if you have a problem, address it at the time f the incident....if you're at an impasse, too bad...there is no right to not be offended, deal with it.

As one may have heard, Michael Sam is an openly homosexual football player who was a 7th round draft pick, who got cut and just signed with the Dallas Cowboys. What's so important about telling everyone who one sleeps with? Did anyone ask? Really, the vast majority of people are likely indifferent one way or the other and don't care, as long as what one does is not imposed on them.

As we know it's not being homosexual that is the sin, it's the activity that is the sin...And openly declaring that one is doing this kind of activity is now placing oneself in the course to be judged...(as they are the ones that put it out there)

It's not judging when people place themselves out their precisely for public approval. I'm doing this, please, please approve what I'm doing, or else. As I've said before, it is not necessary for public approval to get things done. There is no need to tell me, or the entire public who you sleep with, for doing so places us in the awkward position of having to tell you...hey, maybe you shouldn't not be doing that.

Since they're trying to social engineer us, we need to be resistant towards these movements. It certainly doesn't mean that we can't enjoy recreation, or even try in our own personal lives to be charitable in our language....but sports are for recreation, not for social engineering.

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