09 September 2014

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I really wanted to write this yesterday, but considering it was the Nativity of Our Lady, I couldn't justify ranting, but today; however, different story entirely...The news has given me a lot to say, so here we go...

a. Cardinal Dolan, no people are not condemning him, but yes, those that are calling him out are right.

Over at Restore DC Catholicism, there's a video on the Vortex on wicked Bishops with not much commentary...but I have plenty of them, few of them nice...but all of them charitable...

It would be one thing if this was the first time Cardinal Dolan capitulated to the culture....everyone's allowed to "make mistakes" so to speak, however; from the Al Smith Dinner, call God him, her, whoever you want, Bravo for Michael Sam, Ss Francis of Assisi and Francis Xavier parish, to the cheesehead, denying the Faith in front of Muslims, the list goes on and on, but you get the point, it's not the first time that something like this has happened.

So as such, this not being a first time offense, something has to be done. Now this is where it gets kind of confusing, while the Pope does appoint Bishops (and this one is on Pope Benedict XVI, one of his worst appointments in my opinion), the Bishops are not agents of the Pope, they do have authority in their own diocese...so while the Pope can be blamed for the appointment itself (though there might be more blame to go on the advisors), he can't be blamed for the misuse of said authority by the local ordinary...(One of the reasons Rome is very often slow to get rid of heretical Bishops, or those that misuse their authority)...seems a bit contradictory, I'm sure, but the whole jurisdiction and authority thing is rather complicated.

If the homosexual people marching in the parade had no banner whatsoever, it wouldn't be a problem, why? Because their sin is being kept private, so because it's internal, we can't judge (TM) we don't know of their attitude, how the incident occurred, etc.

But with the banner, there is an announcement that this is the particular sin that they are doing. Through their own words, they are saying that this particular action is occurring, we're not repenting, we're not changing...We want you to know this is what we're doing. As such this is now an external situation, so actions can indeed be judged. So when a Cardinal Archbishop becomes the marshall of the event, indirectly, he's giving confirmation to what's going on (For better or for worse) by his presence.

Let's say two people are standing outside a porn store. One obviously can't say anything in this situation, why? One doesn't know whether they're a. going inside. b. walking past or c. protesting. Any of the three options could be done, and one wouldn't know. Now let's add to the situation..let's say these two people have banners saying I love porn, and watch it daily. What is one to do now? In this situation, two people are publicly proclaiming their sin for everyone to know. Similarly in our situation with the parade if people are walking, we don't know what's going on in their private lives. Insert the banners, now we know, so it means by definition we must take a stand.

And as such, while I may not know the personal state of a particular soul (and I really don't want to), actions can be seen, and since public approval was de facto given, it is right to call Cardinal Dolan (or anyone else) for the actions that are going on, and to ask the question, what's up with this?

Surely, I don't think anyone's happy to say these words, and would much rather have repentance...but as we've seen, this is a continuation of behavior, and so the only just thing to happen here would be for a "Cardinal Abdication" or resignation as is called for in the video. Quite frankly, yes we're not supposed to place our trust in princes indeed, but it is difficult to follow, or to even care when those above us don't care or place themselves in front to protect us from the evil wolves. I can't begin to tell you how many times I get discouraged, when I see the Bishops' repeating the same failed policies from before. It's like why bother fighting, if we're not going to be helped in our battle against the culture?

And then the even worse crime of having the suppression of truth....Although yes Msgr Pope is a priest and does have an obedience to which we do not have as laity, eventually one needs to stand up...Don't kid yourself and think it was voluntarily taken down, in the world where the altar of political correctness rules, everyone knows there was "nudging" from the top. Enough! Let the truth be spoken, and if one doesn't want to be called out....here's a strange but rather intuitive idea...DON'T CAUSE SCANDAL by one's actions.

That said, I want everyone who reads this little excuse of a blog to do a Holy Hour on Sunday Sept 14th (Exaltation of the Holy Cross) for Cardinal Dolan, for priests, in particular for the virtue of fortitude in the Faith.

b. The job application process

Is rather annoying, okay, so annoying is being rather polite...It's even more frustrating when people do not update their websites as to fool people into thinking of something is available. You can't tell me with technology as proficient as it is now, that one can't keep sites updated nearly instantaneously as to let people know what is open, and what isn't. But wait, that'd make sense, no, no, no, that can't be, I forgot things need to be more complicated than they're supposed to be.

c. It's probably better

For Obama to spend his time on holes 1-18 than actually doing his job. The problems that are created already suck, let's not let the worse solutions get even more time than they already do. But then again, we should probably be careful of accusing the puppet of doing everything wrong, when we should e looking at those controlling the strings.

d. On a slightly positive note

My car is fixed, so now I don't have to do to mediocre Liturgies....(bear in mind where I am)...and I can go back to my places of refuge and for growth. This weekend, I'll be out of town on a retreat and a few other things...as well as meeting with my SD...

Anyways, I should stop yapping for now...

Pax Vobis.

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