23 March 2014

Relatively Recent News events and my thoughts on them

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1. The My Little Pony Boy, story here...a rebuttal via a parent here

Maybe it's me, but I remember a little more responsibility from kids back in then. Back in 3rd grade, everyone used to make fun of those who still watched "Barney" (that evil purple dinosaur)...I'm sure that people back in 3rd grade still watched Barney, but it was never brought up in public...being scorned by classmates was something everyone tried to avoid.

Which brings me to the point that it's interesting that the kids themselves are the ones enforcing traditional roles vs the adults who are trying to destroy them. The brut honesty police we all know kids do not develop filters at that age.

The problem isn't necessarily that the kid likes the show, or even the backpack, but it's a matter of time and place...If you know that you're in a hostile situation, one doesn't try to make the situation worse. We need to remember that kids will be kids (harsh, cruel, downright mean at times) while certainly I don't promote violence, fights, things like that, this is one of those things that should have been solved then and there, and the school was right to "ban" the bag. No where did they say the kid can't watch the show, no where did they say he can't bring My Little Pony things to school, but making a situation worse is never a good thing.

2. Crimea, Ukraine, and such

Something for people to understand, the places, Ukraine, Belarus, etc, were viewed at least from the inside out, similar to our states situation. We live in the USA, but we're in different states, such as California, North Carolina, or what not. So for those of a particular generation, for the places to be different was quite a shock. That said, Crimea was ALWAYS Russian, from the beginning. (That is to say it was on lease to the Ukrainian government)...This was not a matter of just the population being a majority Russian, it was a matter of geography, which was never taught in schools obviously. The troops that were in Crimea, were already there based upon a deal with Russia and Ukraine. There was not a shot fired, for those of you wondering....So to say there was a "takeover" is a bit wrong.

Now the above said, what are the motives of Putin? Of course he's looking out for his country's own interest. As he should be (It'd be nice if the occupant that's in the WH did the same for the country he represents). Of course he's trying to increase the Russian sphere of influence, and protect the Russians wherever they happen to be. Gee, big surprise....Would we not do the same, worry about our own, wherever they happen to be (If you need a similar situation, US Virgin Islands, Guam, etc, and other places of American influence)....Some wonder if he's trying to rebuild the Soviet Union of old....Seeing the disaster that happened, it will not quite be the Soviet Union of old. While Putin is most certainly KGB to the core, he LOVES his country, and is trying to do things to restore order (moral) in his country, and for this, he gets my respect....And he's bringing back public veneration of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan....(I have a particular devotion to her under this title)...so yes, mad respect for the guy (Even if I don't trust him....but I trust and respect him more than Obama)

3. The missing Malaysian plane....

I'm going to save all of these people time...It's probably in Thailand, or off the coast somewhere with a different paint job, it was more than likely a planned hijacking in combination with a few other things....

4. Some thoughts on improvements to the Liturgy...

Are upcoming...

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