26 December 2014

Some personal news!

One thing that I've learned, it's to keep those things that are not definite, far, far, far away from he internet....but I suppose once in a while it's a good thing to open up about these things.

a. Alive and ticking

Last Sunday I was involved in a car accident. I'm a bit sore with my leg, but other that, nothing life threatening. My car, however; is totally screwed up in the front. So hopefully I'll be able to make deal with the rental for now. Thanks be to God I'm alive....

b. Some have asked, if you're open to being a priest again...

Yes, some of my friends, some of them rather famous in their writings have been nearly begging me to apply to seminary. As the old saying goes, I take notes on everything, then proceed to run them by my SD. I really do feel called to work with the Ruthenian Church in some capacity (I was planning to be bi-ritual from the second I entered)...Although I very much enjoyed my seminary education, there are some "complications". One thing that people have to know is that forgetting what happened, does not happen....everything is in the present tense to me. So a change of scenery would definitely be needed if I was to be open to such a thing again...can anyone say Russian College or Pittsburgh? (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge)

As I've said before, and I'll continue to say, my actions are a matter of justice, not me trying o be better than anyone else....I've received lots of comments, such as the cassock looks good on you, or you should really apply. (Multiple priests, multiple lay people)...me being the VERY reserve person that I am, shy away from any spotlight, or emphasis on me..I'm trying to take compliments well, bu not so much is it working.

Of course it's also hard when you're interested in someone, and have zero clue what's going on in their brains. We'll see if the invitation to sing vespers will work. :p

c. OCDS Formation

To this point, I'm really enjoying the things that I'm learning (much of it I already knew) There are many new insights to the things that I do know. Praying both books (Byzantine and Roman) is oddly working rather complimentary. I'll be going on retreat the 9th-11th of Jan. I'll be taking prayer requests starting at the beginning of Jan, and I will bring all of these intentions before Our Lord. .

d. Parish progress

I'll be shifting my parish to a different one that's a bit closer to me going towards the East of where I live. I have been assisting at the Greek-Melkite mission lately, but went to Midnight MAss a the local Roman parish which has had a dramatic improvement on Liturgy to make it bearable for daily Masses. (No more pouring the Blood of Christ after the consecration)

e. Prayer requests

If you can pray for some friends of mine that are going through some times right now, as well as keep me in your prayers, I'd really appreciate it.

Pax Vobis

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