07 October 2014

Why are we so darn afraid? and a solution to the proposed problems

I must confess to you, I've been trying to tune out the whole Synod on the Family (though I have been praying for them) because I know exactly what's going to happen. The media will manipulate it. The language of the documents will be completely ambiguous as to interpret in any direction. The Pope will sign it, and then everything will be ignored and the Bishops' will do whatever they want. It's a completely predictable pattern if we've been following Church matters in the past few decades.

Over at Fr McDonald's blog a rather interesting post and discussion on the tone of the synod...and my eyes lit up and figured there's no way I could justify writing an entire essay on this topic, so here we go.

The language of ambiguity, the sugarcoating of virtually everything has been (if not still is) a major problem within the Church, and it can certainly be extended to society and even our interactions on a daily basis.

Apparently the words "sin" and "disordered" are uncomfortable and not welcoming enough.

Is it possible that we're NOT supposed to be comfortable? That we're supposed to be called to conversion and painting with pink unicorns and fluffy rainbows just won't do that. Certainly I can agree in the need to be charitable, but I can't agree to the premise that we need to be nice and inclusive about every little thing.

In the attempt to "dumb down" language, we're repeating the same mistakes that happened at Vatican II, and the same problems that got the ball rolling in the first place. We cannot change the language without losing its meaning. Even something as simple as changing the tone, changes things psychologically with our minds. How many of us know that Latin is still a requirement for the Liturgy? How many of us even know that the clergy are supposed to be trained in Latin well?  (Granted if you read my blog or did some research, you probably DO know these things, but that's not the point.)

Situations, need to be called as they are and not for what they're not, I'm sick of attempting to please everyone. We can't, so let's stop trying and start teaching the Truth. Are people going to leave or be scared off? Surely, but it is not a game of numbers, or "how many". The Truth generally divides people and forces people to take a stand for something or nothing. It is certainly up to us to present the Truth in the most charitable manner, but it is NOT our job to per se convince people of said Truth. (Conversion is a grace from the Holy Spirit which we can't do alone, Faith is indeed a gift)...but being nice and pretending that things are okay, when they're not is absolutely ridiculous!

So there will be no pillow when a rock is needed to get through the window.

So while they spend an entire year trying to come up with "solutions" I'm going to go ahead and solve this right now...(someone can translate this to Italian and get it to them)

a. What do we do about the divorced?

You'll noticed I did not put remarried, because that's a separate situation. It needs to be made clear that a separation does NOT exclude one from Communion, as long as one does not enter into another relationship. The 2nd part of the statement being actually more important than the first.

Why can't one enter another relationship? The answer's rather simple, one would be committing adultery and be in two relationships at once. It's hard enough to handle one woman/man, why in the world would anyone want two or more? The Church in her wisdom knows our nature and how crazy we'd get if we placed ourselves in that kind of situation where we'd be worn out emotionally, physically and spiritually, and She does not wish this for us.

The local parishes should offer mediation (I'm of the opinion that all couples and individuals need spiritual directors) for the couples that are about to enter these situations. Why? Again, simple reasoning a marriage is for life, and our emotions come and go. An outsider can look at these situations and solve them without the emotions of being invested.

....I have a bit more to add to this post...but for now I'll stop here

Pax Vobis

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