11 September 2012

The collective whole is what ticks me off.....

Found this over at redneck reflections...I share the post in its entirety

OK--I've been consumed by doubt and sort of malaise of the will, concerning this blog, and concerning what is going on with the Church in the US.  I've made no bones about my dissatisfaction with American Catholicism.

Let me make something crystal clear to everyone who reads this:  Left to my own devices, I would bail on the Catholic Church in the United States in a heart beat, and go to the Orthodox.  Fortunately for my soul, I am not left to my own devices, having a Merciful Savior who left us the Comforter of the Holy Spirit who reminds me that there is no other Church, founded by Christ and adhereing to the teachings of the Apostles.  Literally, there is no where else to go.  It's this Church, riven as it is by latent schism, heresy and confusion, and it's worship marred by those who disbelieve the mysteries of the Eucharist and the other Sacraments, or no real Church.  Knowing, as I do, that Petrine Ministry is true, valid and necessary, leaving this Church would endanger my soul in ways that those who have never been in communion with the Bishop of Rome do not risk when they convert to, or maintain a lifetime adherence to, the Orthodox Church.  I'm staying.

But I will NOT shut up.

I hope somewhere, somehow a Bishop reads this.  Because it's about the Bishops I'm primarily writing.  I've written before   about the USCCB, and I will write again.  They are the problem with the Church in the United States.  These men have very little moral courage as a body.  There are excellent men among them, but most I think are paralyzed  by moral cowardice.   Some are absolutely destructive, like Cardinal Wuerl of Washington DC, who would rather deprive a parish of a priest than face down the power of Sodomites, Saphists and their little buddies in a Parish Clique.   We have men like Blase J Cupich who wear the purple, yet epitomize the cowardice and malaise of our Bishops, men who will say the right thing in public, then undermine it in private, requiring a certain secretiveness of their priests while undermine effective evangelization.  You have men like Richard Gettlefinger who seize on any excuse to place their personal politics over the effective teaching of the Faith, and the protection of the Sanctity of life.  Of course, we can also point to such evil buggers--yes, I used the word 'bugger" on purpose--as retired Bishop Richard Skilba a protege of  Rembert "Let-me-Use-the-Faithfuls-Donations-to-Pay-Off-My-Catamite" Weakland , who covered up for gay and predatory clergymen.

Yes, I've written about these things before, and I WILL NOT SHUT UP!

The word "episcopal" stems ultimately from a Greek word meaning "overseer".  Well, they do a piss poor job of that. The CCHD is infamous for it's support of organizations that actively oppose the Church at astreet level, and we've heard that the Bishops are trying to reform it.  But we can see how that goes, and every year we read about some groups that promote sodomy, murder, contraception and a twisted version of feminism that extols lesbianism still get grants.  For that matter, the bishops still fail to address one of the root causes and key statistics in the sexual abuse scandal, and indeed have commissioned studies to muddy the waters and cover it up, because they are afraid of the "Gay Lobby" and perhaps fear the exposure of their own peccadilloes. 

The US Bishops own outreach programs are tainted with evils.  Among the evils they are tainted with is the evil of the lie, especially in the case of Catholic Relief Services (CRS).  CRS has stated it will revise a document in response to concerns generated by a news service reporting on their promotion of contraception.  Big deal--they had to get caught to do the right thing.  And the odds favor them not firing the persons responsible for publishing this document--not when they hire pro-abortion, pro contraception people who actively hate the teachings of our Faith.  How effective can the Bishops oversight be when CRS hires people like  Dr. Sok Pu, Dr. Amy Ellis and Daphyne Williams?  Remember Charisse Glassman , who attempted vehicular homicide against pro-life people but wasn't immediately fired, or even suspended by CRS? CRS continues to attempt to justify and defend itself, when it's actions are indefensable.  Yet the Bishops are very nonchalant about this.  Where is the reaction?  Where is the movement towards reform?  By the actions of their own outreach program, our efforts to defend our Religious Liberties are endangered--all it would take is some smart lawyer to point out what the Bishops themselves are allowing and paying for with our contributions to undermine our resistance to the HHS Mandate.  

Collectively, the Bishops mouths are full of proper words, but their hands are empty of courageous deeds.

For that matter, our Bishops haven't the courage shown by the American Heritage Girl I saw tell her mother that something would be wrong,even when dealing with groups they say are beyond the pale.   They lack the moral courage of a 10 year old girl.  Take Catholic For a Free Choice , a group the USCCB has said are a non-catholic entity, which is currently speaking out against religious freedom for Catholics.  Have they said that Catholics involved with this group should not present themselves for communion?  No.  Do try to remember that the head of the Roman Rota, the highest ecclesiastical court in the Church, has said that this is not a canonical penalty, it's a pastoral measure.  They should, in fact they should go so far as to  loudly and publicly denounce this group, not in the muted voice they have used--and send letters, registered letters, to every Catholic involved telling them not to present themselves for communion.  I will go so far as to say that if they tried for 10 minutes they could get CFFC's mailing lists and donor lists to verify this.  I don't care if there would be outrage--no matter what we do as a Church there will be outrage. Then, when they don't comply, point out that Schism is defined as obstinate disobedience, and excommunicate them for Schism.

Pastor is another word for shepherd, and shepherds must drive off the predators and wolves that prey upon the sheep.  It takes courage...balls...to be shepherd.

Then there are things like that false and deceitful "religious sister", Simone Campbell who spoke at the Democratic Convention, and who said she didn't know if Abortion should be illegal, or if abortionists should be subject to legal penalties.  So, she doesn't know if a violation of the Fifth Commandment should be illegal, and those who engage in the serial murder of unborn humans should be subject to legal penalties?  What have the bishops said about this?  Has even one of them contacted her superior?  Has even one of them imposed any type of discipline?  This woman has to live somewhere--has her local ordinary told her not to receive communion until she repents?

The US Bishops are my Brothers in Christ.  This is undeniable.  But although I respect their Office, and I respect their Sacramental Status as Successors to the Apostles and as men who hold the "Fullness of Christ's
Priesthood", I have a real problem respecting them as individual persons.  Soldiers of Christ?  If soldiers in leadership positions displayed this lack of moral courage, they would be relived, probably demoted, and quite possibly removed from the service.  Remember, the Bishops of England, in conformity with the spirit of their age and to adhere to the political fashion of the day decided, all but one, to enter into schism and heresy.  The one, St. John Fisher lost his head.  If the Bishops had kept theirs, he would have kept his, and England would have been preserved from government  enforced schism and heresy.  Ther is a lesson there for today.

More than that, because of the tolerance for our bishops for heresy, error, and latent schism, people are going to go to hell.  Our bishops need to remember that they too are subject to the The Last Four Things, and if they allow, through inaction, the body of the faithful to be mislead and to fall into error, they will be judged for that, and held accountable.  By their ineffectual verbal games, by their moral cowardice, by their pusillanimous refusal to deal with moral corruption among the clergy, and to require vigorous and effective preaching on morals and the Teachings of the Church to the faithful, they not only endanger our Liberties, and our Salvation, but their own.  Chrysostom was not speaking in vain when he said that the road to hell was paved with the bones of priests, with the bodies of Bishops as the signposts. The US Bishops have become so lax, so ineffectual, so politically minded and so accommodating of sin and error that I believe their own Salvation is at risk, that they are in danger of a an eternity in hell.


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