06 September 2012

Political Credo

This a synopsis of what I believe, not a complete explanation :)

I believe that a right is something that must be all of these: untransferable, un-renounceable, something that someone has a just claim to. 

As a result, the following are not rights: marriage (for anyone), abortion, ESCR, education, jobs, health insurance, health care (outside the normal means (food, drink are normal means)), money you earn, money from someone else, drivers license, housing, and the various derivatives of these. 

  1. On the matters of life:

Human life begins at conception, and ends at natural death. Every person has a right to life. Every person is to be treated with dignity and respect. This right can only be violated by 2 means:
  1. After the determination of guilt by due process, and the person is an immediate danger to society. 
  2. In the case of self defense, when no other options are the means to defend oneself. 

Abortion: the intentional killing of a child in the womb. 

Abortion is never justified under any circumstances, period. The principles of double effect apply in situations involving the health of the mother. That is to say, everything should be done to preserve the life of both the mother and the child. There can never be an intent to kill an innocent child. A child that happens to die in complexities of surgeries, by definition is not an abortion. A miscarriage is not an abortion. 

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: if done in such a way where life is not destroyed can be considered acceptable: All other situations are un acceptable. The use of all stem cells from an umbilical cord (after birth) is example of an acceptable situation. 

The death penalty is not an intrinsic evil, and can be justified if the person is an immediate danger to society. If it so can be avoided, this option would be preferred. 

Artificial Contraception: the intentional act of preventing the process of life from developing. 

Artificial contraception for the use of not wanting to get pregnant is an intrinsic evil and something that I would not personally promote. If one does not want to get pregnant, either know the science behind pregnancy and know the windows of pregnancy, or simply do not have sex. Either one works. Again, in the situations involving women’s health, the principle of double effect applies. That is to say, the intention is to treat the problem or the illness, but there is not an intention on preventing the child from coming into existence. The act of conception not taking place is a side effect, not an intent in other-words. 

  1. The role of the family

The family is the basic unit of society from which humans develop. It is not the individual, as individuals must come from families in order to exist. This means a mother and a father must procreate in order for the individual to exist. 

The family has the primary obligation to educate and form the person who will then contribute their gifts to the building up of the society in terms of work, or some other function. It is not the role of the government to do this. 

If society comes down to problems, it will result from the breakdown of the family structure, and the fallen human nature that everyone possesses, not from a theory of economics that doesn’t work, or from the government’s lack of ability to function. 

  1. Marriage

Marriage is not a right that everyone has. It is a vocation in which some are called to. Some are not called to be in marriage for whatever reasons they may be. As a result of marriage not being a right, restrictions can be placed upon marriage as seen fit for the health of society...

Marriage will always be between one man and one woman, with the possibility of procreation. This does not mean that all marriages will have children or all marriages will be successful. There is no one that can change this definition, even if the means of marriage will change. The fallen nature of human beings will result in some marriages not working, or unstable situations for some. These effects do not take away from the foundation that marriage brings on a society. 

Those couples with same sex attraction, have absolutely zero right to be married (as does ANYONE ELSE). Marriage is not something that can be dictated by fiat, or a demanding of any person to marry. That is to say, if marriage was a right, anyone that one asks would be under a LEGAL obligation to marry you. While I sympathize with this group, these people have the same restrictions as everyone else. I believe in equal treatment by the law, and in the case of marriage, everyone is being held to the same conditions by which to be married. 

  1. The role of the government in daily life. 

I believe that the government has a minimal role in maintaing order in society. Problems must be solved on the local level first. If they can’t be solved by the local level, then and only then should the government step in. 

That is to say you don’t need the government’s permission to do anything that you deem necessary for your sovereignty. Anything the government does to get in the way of this must be repealed. The government must not assume guilt for anything that is done...(That means the TSA, sobriety check points will be gone)...and must always have just cause before doing anything. 

  1. Taxes

Everyone should be taxed at exactly the same rate. Those that have the majority of wealth proportionately will always be giving more of their money than those that do not have wealth. This tax rate should be at exactly 10% and no higher. All other taxes other than this must be eliminated. This low tax rate will encourage people to pay their taxes, and is small enough where everyone can afford it. If the government cannot make it on this percentage, then it will need to learn how to spend within this percentage of income. (See governmental budget later)

  1. Illegal Immigration

The laws on illegal immigration should actually be enforced before changing them. There will be absolutely no amnesty for illegal (those that broke the law by choice) in this country While I deeply sympathize with them and understand economic hard times, one must follow the laws that are on the books for any country that their in. One thing the government will do is streamline the process for immigration, so that paperwork is returned faster. Those that are here illegally will have 30 days to do 2 options: a. return home, or b. apply for citizenship with restriction clauses: They will be unable to obtain a drivers’ license, use the public health care system, unable to leave the country for a period twice the length of their illegal stay (and if they do leave, they will not be allowed back in). 

  1. On matters of Poverty

I believe the best way to help the poor through charity and education. There will never be any situation where there are not any poor people. The poor will always be among us. I do not believe that these things should be forced upon people, but that people should freely and quietly do things such that the poor are uplifted. I believe religious organizations are the best for this purpose. I believe that welfare should be extremely limited to those that really can’t make it for themselves, and should be limited to a certain amount of time, 6 months for example. 

  1. Healthcare

I do not believe that healthcare as we see it today is a right. That is to say one does not have a right to someone else’s skills. The doctor surely has a moral obligation to help in whatever way that he can, but does not have an absolute right to do so. I believe that health insurance does not need to be required by anyone, and it should be legal to cross state lines to purchase insurance. I do not believe that the government is the best suitor to run health clinics, as it can barely run the DMV or the Post Office correctly. I believe the best suitors to run health clinics are again, religious organizations and non-profit organizations. 
  1. The war on drugs/moral authority of the government

It is not the job of the government to enforce order per se but to propose order. The illegality of certain drugs should not be so, the government is not to be a nanny or to dictate to you what to do. This does not mean the government has no role at all. There absolutely is necessary a police force to again, propose (not impose) order. 

  1. States’ rights

The principle of subsidiarity guides my belief on this principle...The state should have more authority than the federal, and the local, more authority than the state. All problems must be solved on the local level whenever possible. 

There are many more issues than this I have on my mind, but on the need of shortened time, I’ll stop here....this is what I believe, and I don’t apologize for it. :D

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