20 March 2020

If one is going to argue something, argue it well...

I've been hearing a lot "it's not about you" it's about others...and if one leaves the lockdown one is selfish, and one has no concern about others.

As I much often say, it's not what one says, it's how one says it...

With this logic, one might as well never leave the house. There are billions of viruses that are out there. And ANY of them, one can carry, and one can bring to elderly people, or to those who are compromised....(Don't confuse my thoughts, I do indeed believe the elderly and those compromised should stay home....and people should be closer to their families...)

Some Coronaviruses are airborne, and that means one really can't do anything about it. Being sealed in a room will do nothing about it. (Viruses can get through small spaces). Some Coronaviruses are by person to person contact....obviously minimise contact in these situations.

Where does it explicitly say that the churches must close? A church is there to worship God!, Not to gather. We gather at home, we gather at parks. We worship God at the church! Of course, the state knows well that it can't prevent the free exercise of religion, so it uses deception to try and get one to fear.

Do we not see the bigger picture? This is about encroachment upon our rights. To fall for this is to give consent to the view that the government is the one that giveth and taketh our rights. Utter stupidity! The right to get together is not given from the government! The right to worship God is not given to us by the government!

How much are we willing to give up in the name of "safety" or security? We have already done so at the airport. We are now presumed to be guilty or to have weapons. We can't carry on large amounts of soap, water, or other thing. All this because people from outside of the country did an attack on the US. Do we really think the next time a mutation of a virus comes, they're not going to tighten the screws further? They're going to remember how easy it was to get us to give ourselves up, and push the boundaries more.

I will not live in fear! They will not take the Church away from me! I will take caution where I see necessary! I will venerate the icons, and receive the Sacraments, I will not fear while in the Church, or the church! I'm absolutely sick of the fear...people need to stop falling for it, before even more is taken away from them.

We should not fear, let us live.

13 March 2020

Coronavirus...nothing new under the sun...

It seems as if during this whole panic, the world is ending, the use of the brain has fallen.

a. Coronaviruses are nothing new...a rant on panic culture.:

Here's a link to a page about them: https://www.sciencealert.com/coronavirus

Here's a link to different types of coronaviruses here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/types.html

First things first, if one feels sick in any way, stay home...period.

Habits that you should already be doing, continue doing those...alright,  enough of the PSA...

Mass panic tends to bring the stupidity of of people and bring it to the forefront. This seems to work every time....and it's not even limited to sicknesses...

A major terror attack happens in our country, by a non American citizen....suddenly a few weeks later, poof, we're taking off shoes, emptying bags, limited on the amount of soap one can carry on a plane, treated as if we are all guilty of a crime even though none of us did anything wrong, or the vast majority of people would even think to use a plane to crash into a building....All in the name of security, while in reality our right to presumption of innocence has been taken away. (At least at an airport)

Someone goes shoot a bunch of people with a gun...Boom, we need to pass a law forbidding "mentally ill" (an ambiguous term that can be used on anyone or anything without a cause), or we need more of a background check. (Where anything and anything could be used against people), or someone on a particular medication, or has issue here...As if allowing ambiguous terms to be left undefined won't be taken a mile, by those that are in power.

Now the world is on lockdown all because of a different strain of something that we know. All the things are being canceled, the mass hysteria is ridiculous in my opinion. It's even carrying over to many churches East and west...

God Himself is greater than our human knowledge and understanding. God himself is not the source of sickness. Come to the church without fear. We receive Our Lord in the Eucharist, if one doesn't believe that, one should not approach the chalice.

Obviously take precautions as need be, but do not fear, God is with us.

28 February 2020

I think we need to have a conversation

Well, it has been a while since I've blogged, I guess we have a lot to talk about from politics to life, to all the things....let's see where this goes.

a. Politics.

1. I am not here to tell you who to vote for, if you happen to be an American reader of this so called blog. I'm only going to say a few things. Despite some of the ills that we do have within our capitalistic system, I do not think that overthrowing this system, and replacing it with a socialistic/communistic system is a good idea. I do not believe that there would be any way to guarantee that it would not become a repeat of the Castro's or the Bolshevik's, Mao's, and the other so called leaders of this movement. I know far too many people that have suffered either from them directly, or the descendants of the movement. I do not wish for a return to the "coffin problems" or becoming one of the undesirables. I will not forget the story that a dear friend told me about the hell that her husband went through....Nor will I forget other stories that I've been told about the horrors of such a movement. Anyone who dares to defend Fidel Castro probably is not worth one's time. So, no I'm not feeling the bern thank you very much.

2. I find myself in a rather strange position. One could perhaps say that my viewpoints are not that of those that are in my age group, but I also do not buy into the paradigm of right versus left. I don't necessarily think that a healthcare system that covers more people is a bad idea, but I also realise that we don't have the homogenous population, nor the cooperation of the state governments to pull off a nationalised system. Ultimately, the ills that I see in society can be fixed with a few minor tweaks rather than a whole entire system overhaul.

3. On point one a bit further,  I do not believe that it is good to create an economy of envy just because some have earned much money, and some have not. The only way that one can get people to use resources the same is by force. I believe it is better to show how one can get from point A to point B, rather than to take from those who have earned. (Any charity that is forced is no longer charity)

4. Since the 2 legged creatures have had their opportunity, and have failed....it's time to elect the cats.. At least you know they are bosses and don't take any crap. ;)

b. Life

1. Obsession is bad! Not having a life outside of certain things is really bad. There is nothing that will turn me away faster than jealousy....Nothing.

2. Great Lent begins on Monday (I'm on the old calendar now). I beg forgiveness for those that I have wronged, and those I have hurt. I'll try to be better. I wish for everyone to have a blessed Lent. (And for those of you already in Lent, may it be blessed and penitential)

3. While I do not wish to get into specifics, please pray for me. Thank you!

4. Forgive me while I'm not freaked out about the Coronavirus....I have plenty of Modelo Negra, and take plenty of the normal precautions. Receiving Our Lord the Divine Physician at Holy Communion is the last place I'm worried about catching the virus from.

5. Please pray for an intention...although I don't wish to publicise it. Thank you!

c. Other

1.. Never underestimate the ability of a government to show its incompetence.

13 January 2020

Thoughts with Joe, the Julian New Year edition.

Happy New Year! (on the Julian Calendar...the Liturgical New Year started in September). I suppose I have quite a bit to say, so here we go.

a. It is important to have various outlets. Reality is that relationships in general whatever their type can be quite complex. It's good to have multiple outlets in terms of being able to express onesself. That is to say it can be quite a burden for one person to do all the things....It's okay for the world to revolve around one person, it is not okay to be obsessive towards this end.

b. Jealousy will drive anyone away. In particular when it is not necessary to be towards that end. I believe that anyone with work can do nearly anything. I believe that it is very possible to have friendships without being attracted romantically to a person, and animals are different from people. (As adorable as they can be at times)

c. For quite a while I have not bought into the paradigm of right versus left, or liberal versus conservative. I often think that we fail to listen to one another. Even more than this, I think that we're caught up in ideology that we won't grant a point. For example, if abortion is to be legal, shouldn't there be an appeals process because life is being denied without due process? Yes, if abortion were illegal, there should be a way for the mother to have access to resources...

d. May I advise the pope of Rome to imitate the words of St Joseph in the Gospel?

e. If push came to shove, I could give tons of arguments as to why I love my Faith and such things, but I can only say one has to experience and then proceed to live. My days of giving super academic arguments are over. (It was spiritually and physically draining)

f. If I was to be called to be a priest, there is ZERO way I could do so without a Matushka. I'm not going to say I'm not open to going back though.

God bless

25 October 2019

I think it's been a while since I've blogged.

I suppose having finished the 34th birthday octave is a good time to write. (Also I don't have much to do while sitting at my desk)

a. I don't support echo chambers. If I wanted to hear what I thought, I'd just say what I think. In general my opinion is kept to myself, and I often prefer to hear what others think. It's not that I don't have opinions on issues. (Rest assured I have them), I like seeing how different people process information differently. From that, we have a basis from which to form a conversation. Notice I did not say debate. (The reality is, you're not really going to convince people via argument (There is a time for debate too))...I do believe that once we can see where one another comes from, from there, while we may not be able to come to a conclusion, it will not turn into the complete ugly fest that we see these days.

b. Yes, I have been following the Amazon Synod. The arrogance to put it politely is so off-putting, it's a self inflicted embarrassment. God bless those speaking up, and the "restorationists who moved the "statues"

c. I've moved to the UK. If there's one place everyone needs to go, it's the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos and Royal Martyrs in Chiswick, just behind Gunnersbury Station. Pictures do not do the place justice. But you can see and feel the Faith in people. While I'm at it St Prokop's church in Hamburg is also a church that one must visit. (My phone is broken, otherwise I'd have pictures up)

d. I have a belief that if one is going to pay for something, that it needs to be worth the cost. Put another way, if I'm going to pay 1 euro for a bathroom, it well better be spotless like my mother would have it :p. (Well, for any price really). Free bathrooms are a gift :p

e. While I'm at it, I don't really like cancer sticks.

f. The fact that Tulsi Gabbard is in Hilary's war path, almost makes me want her to win the Dem nomination. (Actually, it does). On foreign policy/Hilary, she has nearly a degree of sanity. On everything else, not so much. She's seemed the most sane of the bunch (That's probably not saying much). I pray that sanity somehow return to the election process. In positive news, I will be eligible to run for president as of next year....As the old saying goes, I can't possibly do worse than all of the other politicians.

g. Allow me to share with you something I found beautiful :)


h. For those of you still here, I keep all of you in my prayers, and hope you do the same for me.

11 July 2019

Our Father who art in the heavens.

In truth, my brothers, great is the compassion of Our Lord. Inexpressible is the philanthropy which He has shown and does show towards us, who are ungrateful and thankless for his beneficence. For not only did He, out of His infinite goodness, raise us up who had fallen into sin, but He also delivered laws of prayer to us which direct us both towards God and benefit the human race, so that we might not fall again into the same sins on account of foolishness. For this reason, as is proper, the very beginning of the Lord's prayer elevates ur intellect towards His Father, the Creator of all the visible and invisible creation, and indicating the sonship of which Christians were deemed worthy, Calling Him "Father" grace.

For since Our Lord Jesus Christ became incarnate, He gave the power to all, as many as believed in Him to become children and sons of God through Holy Baptism, as John the Theologian says: "To them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His Name" (Jn 1, 12). And the Apostle Paul writes: "For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus (Gal 3, 26:. And again: "And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying Abba Father" (Gal 4, 6). That is to say, all faithful Orthodox Christians are children of God through faith and by the grace of Jesus Christ. And again, since you are children of God He m Who is your Father by grace, sent into your hearts The Holy Spirit of His Son, Who mystically cries out from there: "O Father, our Father."

For this reason our Lord tells us how we should pray towards our Father by grace, so that we may always keep under the grace of sonship, until the very end, that is, that we may be children of God, not only according to our baptismal rebirth but also according to our works and actions. For anyone who does not perform spiritual works worthy of the rebirth from above, but rather satanic works, such a person is not worthy to call God his Father, but he is to call the devil his father according to the saying of our Lord: "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do" (John 8, 44). That is to say, you are born according to the evil of your father the devil, and you love to do his evil lusts.

The Lord directs us to call God "Father," on the one hand in order to assure us that we have truly been born as children of God by the rebirth of divine Baptism, and the other hand because we must also persevere the characteristics, that is the virtues of our Father. We will accomplish this by feeling constraint in a way because of the kinship with have with Him, as He Himself says: "Be ye therefore merciful as your father is also merciful" (Lk 6, 36). That is, be compassionate towards everyone, just as your Father is compassionate towards everyone.

Elder Nikodemos the Hagiorite

02 July 2019

Thoughts with Joe, the 17th anniversary edition

a. It's been 17 years since I've lost my mother. This year it was not only not easier, but also it felt to a certain degree like a gut punch/someone spit on my mom's grave, something set me off. Waking up in tears probably doesn't help those things either. But really missing her even more than normal. May her memory be eternal.

b. More often times than not, we are not in control. of how others respond, we are in control (relatively) of how we respond in situations. The important thing is to live out the great commandments of loving God, and loving neighbour, and staying close to the sacraments.

c. if I could ask some prayers for some private intentions, i would really appreciate it.