18 September 2012

7/2 Timeout tuesday...the Idaho has crime/walk on the beach version.

AOA of course is our gracious host.....

1) One of the shows that occasionally comes on the tv is America's dumbest criminals. There was someone that came to campus to try and rob one of those little portable atm machines that exist in some places on campus. On the scale of stupidity, this ranks high up. Those things are built with safe, and an ink pad, which would render any money that one could take from there worthless....(As if the money that we own is actually worth anything)...I should have taken picture of the crime scene, but I didn't...maybe I'll update this tomorrow....UPDATE: Here's a picture of the "crime scene"

2) A different person with mental issues apparently tried to threaten the financial aid office (about 3 doors down from where I work) with a columbine type of situation. Good thing he was arrested. But I'd argue that's another stupid idea. This is Idaho, a pretty conservative state...we be packing....

3) In the spirit of the above 2 situations. I walked my friend to her dad a few blocks away because I didn't want her walking alone. Overprotective of my friends, probably so....Twas a nice walk on the beach....Seeing puppies, we both said, awww, how cute at the same time...now I'm in debt a soda...I'll buy it for her tomorrow...

7/2) I had something constructive to say, but I lost it...God bless and have a good week.

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