11 September 2012

Good intentions, bad ideas.

The health(insurance)care reform law better known as Obama tax, has a few good ideas, but as with any thing that has a good intention, there's a problem involved.

a. Covering people with pre-existing conditions without penalty....

The definition of insurance is a risk pool that isn't supposed to be used. Those that have pre-existing conditions will obviously cost more to cover. That increase in cost has to be covered in a way. Since according to Obamatax it'd be illegal for an insurance company to increase your cost because of pre-existing conditions...That cost mean a loss of jobs for the insurance company or it will mean an increase in someone else's rates. The point being any stress that is created on a system must be relieved in some manner....without a means to relieve that stress, absolute destruction is going to happen....which is kind of the point of obamatax to get rid of insurance companies and to go to a government ran health care system...

b. Covering people until they're 26

Well, I'm almost 27 ;)....but on a slightly more serious note...this situation creates a situation of dependency, and also helps to reduce the dignity of the human person. The legalized age of an adult is 18....more thoughts on this later....

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