11 September 2012

Offensive is an understatement...

This is absolutely pathetic...Racism in pb&j sandwiches...seriously....what is with people?

I've made mention of my thoughts on these things before, but I think it's important to mention them again.

Why is it that people try to read race into every single thing possible? Is it possible for humans to be so ignorant, or so stupid such that, it absolutely must be a racist crime every single time someone opens their mouth? The perpetuators of this attitude are probably perpetuating their own view onto the world. It is absolutely pathetic...

a. Believe it or not, people actually have objective reasoning for disagreeing with people. It is not based upon race, it is simply a person can disagree with a philosophy, idea, or what not, and still have no malice towards a particular person.

The leftist crowd is very good at chanting racist for every time someone disagrees with Obama. I guess I must be a racist against my own race if that's the case. It can't possibly be the fact that I disagree with marxist philosophy, keyensian economics, the idea that the government needs to be your parent from cradle to grave, socialized health care, gay marriage, illegal immigration, or anything else. No, no, it's clearly that I'm a racist and absolutely believe in the supremacy of my own race, yes, that's it.

For goodness, sake, it's hard to believe, but there are people with different world views such that everything isn't race. Some people say about me that I don't notice my own skin color. I say, yes, as it should be, we're all made in the image and likeness of God, that is enough! I view people as people as should everyone else. I'm friends with everyone, regardless of skin color, political affiliation, sexual orientation, major in school. None of those things matter to me. No, I don't agree with everyone's opinions, but also no, I don't presume something exists when it doesn't.

This is not to say racism does not exist. That would be naive and foolish to think. But on the grand scale that many perceive it to be, I would passionately disagree. For the vast majority of the population, disagreements are based upon objective criticism, or faulty logic. And to assume otherwise is flat out wrong.

If people get offended by a pb&j sandwich, one should probably question what goes on in their minds? If anything, it is more offensive to me to pander to things one thinks that I may like.....than to exclude something.

There's a reason why I'm offended when people say I must like rap music because I'm black, that I must have voted for Obama, that I must like to speak improperly, or must be apart of a gang. All those things are stereotypes and things that do not define or even describe me. THAT is indeed offensive, and should be to anyone when something does not describe them.

The accusations of racism are down right offensive to people who work hard to try to rid the world of such stereotypes....

To all of the left wing media....STOP WITH THE RACE CARD!


  1. I gotta say, the nail has be squarely hit.

  2. On that article you linked, it talks about "white privilege." Being a poor white person, that "white privilege" remark always leaves me dumbfounded.


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