06 September 2012

Axes to grind

  1. There is this tendency to avoid all things horizontal because of the infiltration of marxism to the language and the culture of the Church. I must say, I’ve noticed a hostility towards neighbor in the traditionalist movement, which I cannot say that I’m a fan of. The transcendent worship that is due in the vertical does not mean the horizontal dimension is excluded. For all of the things liturgically defunct parish in town is, the one thing it does not do is fail to be charitable to neighbor, when said neighbor is in need. 
  2. To mend a broken heart, takes the one who broke it to fix it, because only they know where they broke the heart. I’d be lying if I said, my lack of desire to teach things in the Faith wasn’t proportionate to my time in discernment which did not end well. I’d be telling the truth however, if I said, I’ve continued to go to Mass in spite of how I feel towards certain matters of the Church. (None of these things happen to be doctrinal). 
  3. Once my mind is made up, it’s made up. If I don’t like someone, it won’t change just because someone in my circle dates them, or what not. Simply put, yes, i’m an absolutist, expecting me to be “happy for you” is like expecting the government to not rip you off. It will never happen, no matter how much you try to prevent it. And it wouldn’t matter if I liked the guy and or agreed with his positions. Simply put, when equilibrium gets disturbed, for any reason, I go crazy. The only way to restore equilibrium isn’t through time, it’s by eliminating the disturbance of equilibrium. :D
  4. I do not like expecting something, and having it change during the last minute. That ticks me off to no end. Simply stated, if one tells me something, it better happen. Do not build me up to tear me down....the rebuilding process makes me quite angry....
  5. Just so we’re clear, I’m supporting NEITHER BHO or Mittens. I can’t stand either one of them....consequences be damned. I’ll be happy to explain to God why I voted for none of the options listed, I can’t justify voting for either one. To heck with both the Republicrats and the Demoncians (Yes, i misspelled them both on purpose)
  6. I don’t like pity parties, so I avoid telling of anything really horrible that happens to me. I keep a select few in the know of what’s going on.
  7. Lastly, for the DNC/MSNBC/BillClinton/Cardinal Dolan thing:
  8. When people lack the spiritual, they seek a void to fill such...in this case Obama. It’s a bit of a problem, considering Obama isn’t God....and God clearly isn’t Obama...the cult worship of the zero is down right creepy/annoying. 
  9. MSNBC (I would never watch the channel, overheard it last night at the student union using wifi)....Really, everything’s about race and actual hatred, get a clue....and we wonder why racism still exists? 
  10. Bill Clinton: FINALLY shut up....next DNC I’m going to need 3 000 000 000 000 000 000 m of duct tape. It will then be interesting. 
  11. Cardinal Dolan: I didn’t hear the prayer. I just hope that you didn’t ask for God’s blessing on the platform that is now completely anti-God. Dialogue hasn’t worked....time for public pronouncements :D.

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