01 August 2012

bordem on a Weds afternoon

borrowed from Orthometer

11 Questions for my friends:

1. Do you cut your sandwiches into squares or triangles?

I make them into letters of the greek alphabet, at least when I have time, otherwise I eat them whole. 

2.  Do you know Beethoven as one of the worlds greatest composers, or as a big dog in a rather ordinary children's movie.


3.  What color is your toothbrush? And, is your toothbrush interchangeable with your spouses?  With their full knowledge and consent?

Lavender....and no. 

4.  Do you stir your coffee right to left or left to right?  And do you ding your spoon on the edge of the cup until the rest of the family screams blue murder?

I don't stir, I cause rotational motion of a fluid. No, I don't do that....

5.  Do you ever wear odd socks?  And if you do, do you always start the day by saying you hope you don't die today?

All things are normal, and no, I don't do that. 

6. Is perspicacious part of your vocabulary?

No, I put the SAT in my distant memory. 

7.  What was Donatello before he became a world famous Ninja Turtle?

An artist....either that...or my science experiment

8.  Does your exerciser regime challenge more than your wii controller muscles  


9. Do you laugh hysterically at your own jokes?  At confession?

Depends on the joke...and no, I don't laugh during confession. 

10.  What are the names of Donald Duck's nephews?

Huey, Dewey and Louie--I'm surprised they didn't come out so angry. 

11.  And, lastly, for fans of the brilliant Charles Schultz, have you ever had occasion to call any of your children "Pigpen"?

No, children...yet

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