04 August 2012

Thoughts on a Saturday morning

  • Pray for 2 very special intentions of mine....I can't specify what they are at this time. But they are directly proportional to something that's going on. 
  • I'm excited that my parish has added times for Confession and Mass. Anything to help a poor sinner like me. 
  • Not going to lie, if the person I had in mind sung this to me, I would be a very happy person. 
  • From Grangeville, ID the closet Chic-fil-a is 161 mi....all the Chic-fil-a posts last week made me hungry....Why do I live in the middle of no where again? 
  • As for boycotting Chic-fil-a, why not boycott OPEC?  I hardly think Chic-fil-a puts homosexuals to death....but some of the nations in OPEC do....much more worth boycott time. 
  • I do have a wish for Zero on the date of his birth. I wish that he gets a new job in November....
  • Love does conquer all....nothing breaks it

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