21 August 2012

Thought of the day

For all of the Talk of Akin's comments, people tend to forget that we all have moments where we misspeak or something that we say comes off as wrong. I think it's absolutely shameful that people abandon people over misunderstandings or what not...I did not read all of the venom into his comments that people say that he intended.


  1. Akin is damaged goods and cannot win the race now, a race that will decide control of the Senate. He has to get out for the good of all that is holy.

  2. I agree with you, Joe. If he's "damaged" it's because of the political frenzy whipped up by the Left, and also by the Right in failing to defend him and in joining in their frenzy.

  3. Paul, I wouldn't say he can't win, but I'd say he definitely did himself a disservice if he wants to win.

    Exactly Lisa, no one defended him...and taking a soundbite makes all things indefensible.


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