24 August 2012

Thought(s) of the day

4 Thoughts....for the price of one

a. God is indeed good, and does answer prayers. I work now at NIC...a semester away from hopefully professorship.

b. Cardinal Dolan once again got played like a fiddle. My inner inclination is to laugh, or say I told you so. So thus I'll do both. Engagement only works when the other party is interested in what you have to say. Obama and the democrats have proven once again...they're not interested.

c. Lance Armstrong probably "cheated." I use it in quotation marks. WIth having testicular cancer, I'm sure his levels of testosterone were below normal, so he had to take something to balance the levels out. If he just said this, he wouldn't of had a problem with all the drug allegations. Of course this is what happens when one doesn't think.

d. Just because I'm protective (over) of certain people does NOT mean I get jealous....

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