07 August 2012

7/2 Timeout Tuesday....The since everyone else is talking about the olympics...

Thanks again to our host AOA

1) I have watched exactly zero hours of the olympics....I am by no means ashamed of this...I boycott NBC. (With the exception of the voice, Season 3...Jordan Pruitt will be on, I will not boycott that)...but back to the olympics. I am a huge fan of Alex Morgan on the Women's Soccer team. She scored the game winning goal vs. Canada yesterday....Serves the Canadians right for infecting us with Justin Bieber....:p

2) Let's just be perfectly honest there are some olympic "sports" that need to be scrapped....there of course should be criteria...
a. Any game that can be played drunk should probably be scrapped (or maybe the opposite is true)
b. If the words rhythmic or synchronized are involved (unless the word after is genuflection)

3) Onto the scrapping....

a. Rhythmic Gymnastics....I'm sorry, it just has to go....if Lizzie McGuire can do rhythmic gymnastics...it should definitely be scrapped. If I wanted to watch someone play with a "skip it" I'd rewind to 1994 and look outside my front yard. And if I wanted to see anyone play with a ribbon or balloon, it'd be like this car here: 

b. Synchronized Swimming: While this does take actual skill, this is moreless on the stupid scale. Synchronized genuflecting on the other hand, should absolutely be an olympic sport. I've MC'ed several Masses....it is a hard craft to get down...but I must admit, sometimes, I do get a kick out of some not doing it right :p.

c. Ping Pong....Rebecca at Shoved to them said it best: "When I saw that they could medal in ping pong.....seriously?  Ping Pong?  You want to be that gold medalist?  "What did you medal in?" "Ping Pong."


Really, really?"

d. Speedos: While not an olympic sport....there are better things for my eyes...

7/2) I do confess that I would like to visit England...of course by that time it will probably be illegal to leave the country.

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