12 August 2012

Dear old ladies in pants...

genuflect....it's much easier on the eyes....MUCH easier on the eyes. I don't care if you have to grab something to do it, genuflect, this goes during Mass as well, it looks so tacky when you bow and the view just isn't there....just genuflect....public service announcement over....Thanks


  1. It isn't just the pause while you wait for the backup signal that is disturbing, it's the outline of their Depends.

    And skinny young ladies are just as disturbing. Their pants are so low and their tops so high that when they bend their skinny hips pivot completely out of the pants. I don't know what is worse...the sight of Depends or six inches of thong on a skeletal rump.

    Wear dresses, ladies. You are going before the King of the Universe, not Burger King. You should be in your finery. And wear at least one slip to avoid the occasional stuck-in-the-crack when you rise from the pew.

    Men, don't jiggle your butt cheeks while you are standing in the pew. It's a nervous habit that those behind you can do without. And you too need to wear underwear to avoid those stuck-in-the-crack moments.

  2. Pop, thanks for commenting, LOL!, yep, I agree with your comments


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