22 May 2012

On Religious Liberty, Cardinal Dolan, and Teaching...Rants

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, I haven't gotten around to it...so let me go on ahead and say these things...

  • I think this whole argument on "religious liberty" is bogus. Let me explain: There is no law that prevents the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or preventing Bishops or priests from teaching the Catholic Faith. I think arguing against the various moves by the Zero administration on the point of "religious liberty" is rather pointless. All the gov't would have to say is that we're not preventing you from celebrating Mass or preaching, and they would probably win. Now don't mis-understand me, I am for the Church standing up and defending herself in not having to fund contraception and abortion with her money. (It would be hypocritical to be preaching about something and funding it at the same time). The Church need only to argue this point, not even on a moral stance, but on the stance that they as owners of their own property (in this case money) have rights to see where that money goes. The gov't has no ability to dictate where anyone spends their money. (Thank God for this).  Forget the whole moral argument for a minute. Why does the Church need to pay for someone to die? That doesn't make sense. (And while I'm on it, prisons probably shouldn't be taxpayer funded either). Why does the Church need to pay for someone else's decision to use artificial contraception? Perhaps though, the Bishops should explain the Church's teachings on both, and WHY the Church teaches what she teaches...tends to make a lot more sense than this ambiguous statements on "religious liberty." 
  • I probably one of the few in the Catholic Blogosphere that is not in the Cardinal Dolan cheering section. I'm sure that he's quite a nice guy and a very well meaning guy. That said, I think that the jolly demeanor gets very taxing. (Might have to do with the fact that I'm VERY introverted) and often undermines the points that he tries to make. There are also times that have left me wondering "WT?" Did he say what I thought he said? ...This video comes to mind...A few other things come to mind...He's a Cardinal of Holy Roman Church, and I respect that....I'm just not in the cheering section.

  • As a student, I always adjusted to the teaching style of whichever teacher I had. I never once blamed the teacher for something. Students lack respect in their own abilities to make good out of bad things. What happened to the virtue of hard work, really? What happened? 

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