18 May 2012

And we've beenPart 1: played for whimps

And here's how I got there...

a. Holy Days of Obligation (or lack there of)

1) We were too afraid of offending the protestants, so we don't celebrate Ss Peter and Paul as a holy day, when we should in Communion with the Holy See...screw the PC police
2) Going to Mass twice a week was too difficult..so Ascension, Corpus Christi and Epiphany all got transferred. St Joseph got dropped too (Holy Day in the Church Universal, but not for America of course). I guess it's great that we care about Mary, Mother of God, as long as she doesn't fall on a Friday or Monday, then poof she disappears.
3) And so, somehow, someway a few survived...Christmas, All Saints (oh wait, not if on Friday or Monday), Immaculate Conception and the Assumption...(they would have probably been dropped, if she wasn't our Patroness)

Enough with the Political Correctness. Bring back the Holy Days! ALL OF THEM! Especially when it's not convient

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  1. OH HOW I AGREE! Sorry for yelling, but I fully agree with you! Bring them all back!! (I had this discussion with someone else in person today too!!)

    In Christ,

    Friar Don, OBR


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