09 May 2012

Thought of the day

 I think the whole problem in the gay marriage debate goes exactly back to the 1968 Loving vs Va decision. In my opinion the SCOTUS correctly sided against the ban on interracial marriage...however incorrectly argued their point. When they said that marriage was fundamental right, this was in error on their part because marriage can be renounced (2nd half of the definition of inalienable), we don't have a right to someone else's sovereignty, nor is there a legal guarantee of faithfulness to marriage....They simply should have said that marriage is not impeded by skin color...that's it. Since marriage is a fundamental right according to the SCOTUS, by definition, marriage can't be denied to those who seek it without due process. I say this as someone who does not support gay marriage. If we expect to win the "battle" for gay marriage, the "fundamental right to marriage" needs to be removed from the records before any formal change can be made. Semi-logical coherent rant over.

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