22 May 2012

7/2 Timeout Tuesday: The Prediction edition

hosted by AOA

1) On the SSPX thing:

My predictions are as follows. The canonical set up will not quite be an ordinate or a personal prelature. Thanks to Summorum Pontificum, the juridical equivalence of the OF and the EF has been established. Bp. Fellay will be raised to the dignity of Archbishop, and Cardinal Ranjith will be appointed by the Pope to see to the smooth transition. The independence like a diocese, but with a very sympathetic to Tradition to speak to.

The Pope will then have a 2nd wind of energy...and many changes shall happen.

2) The Lakers

Mike Brown will get fired...and replaced with who should have replaced Phil in the first place...Brian Shaw

3) The listed people that are on a mental list that would never be written down for the sake of my own sanity.

Will be reminded in an extremely direct manner that nothing has changed on my opinions about their particular situations. Change sucks...period. I find it absolutely hilarious when people think that my opinions change...they don't :)

7/2) I gave a bonus TWIS video on Saturday...so I'm a bit lazy to make a new one...


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