15 May 2012

7/2 Time out Tuesday...the comments edition

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1) Now that my youtube channel is up and running...if you're not subscribed...you should be...link here: I come out with videos on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The comments that I've received on last weeks video are quite interesting...It's quite interesting once you take a position...People come after you....and just wait for the video on Islam...but being threatened because I take a stand on something, I guess is part of the territory...I'm thinking this week will be much lighter in fare.

2) Speaking of this week's video...This week's video

Farmville....and missing a target....seriously

3) My high school math teacher for my last 2 years Mrs. Makárova gave me some pretty good advice on teaching: Be consistent...She gave me better advice on life...1) Get a job 2) Plant a tree 3) Write a book 4) Get married 5) have kids....1-3 are covered...(either in the past tense or present)....I should do 4 and 5.

7/2) I read the headlines claiming Obama to be the "first gay president." So does that mean that Obama is a practicing homosexual? If so, where's his partner? Or does that mean Obama is happy? and if so where's the proof? he seems kind of angry to me.

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