08 May 2012

7/2 Timeout Tuesday...The difference one thing makes.

hosted by AOA

1) Last week, I spent the weekend with friends of mine and their family. Two of their daughters got confirmed. I guess my age showed...I got all the references made in this Phineas and Ferb episode...

2) So I've heard today is national teacher day. I've made no secret about my sincere thanks to my friend Mrs. Makárova for her support and friendship through the years. She was my HS math teacher, and made sure that I understood physics very well. She is one of the smartest people that I know...and her attitude about it makes it great...she's extremely humble about her knowledge. 

3) I happened to be in Reno...where I met Paul from Cygnus' Sphere and went to lunch. The schola sung a beautiful Mass....Here is a picture of the Cathedral

7/2) There will be no physics problem this week...but there will be this: Me in the local coffee shop with said books. 


  1. What's a Phineas and Ferb?


  2. :)..the 3rd greatest cartoon to come from Disney Channel either that, or 2 mischevious boys that build crazy gadgets


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