04 January 2012

Zavala Resignation

As a former member of the archdiocese you just knew I was going to comment...here are some not so humble observations...

1) One thing that I always noticed about him was a lax celebration of Mass. That is to say he never really celebrated Masses that I've been to with him as celebrant with reverence. A very chummy ars celebrandi so to speak. This is one thing that never impressed me about him. All you need to do is look at videos of the REC Mass to know what I'm talking about (I save you from linking to the videos)

2) Pouring of the Precious Blood after the consecration = a very bad thing = if you don't care for Jesus, why would you care for His Church? To say that this came to me as a surprise...LOL!, nope, not at all.

3) If you think the Archdiocese of LA didn't know about this earlier, you've got to be kidding yourself. The Office has been a factory of corruption for well, 25 years now, and slowly that is getting cleaned up. It would not surprise me one bit if Cardinal Mahony knew about this...in which case BOTH Zavala AND Mahony need be deposed from the office of Bishop in public, preferably in the Vetus Ordo form.

4) No, this not a case to have married priests in the Roman Rite. If you want married priests, go East. If anything it shows that anyone can fall. I guess the positive, dated a girl, and it's not quite as corrupt as the Borgia's.

5) In your charity offer prayers for "Bp" Zavala, his children, the mother, and for the Archdiocese. As if LA wasn't bad enough already...well, I guess that means we'll be getting a new auxiliary soon...I hope one of my faithful priest friends becomes appointed.


  1. Did you see Bishop Flores in Orange is going to San Diego to lead that diocese? I wonder if it means a more "local" bishop to replace Brown. And will Orwnge get a new auxiliary bishop from it's ranks?

    Change is afoot . . . as is the Devil . . . all the more reason for prayer!

  2. Digi, yes, I did hear that he's going to San Diego....hmmm, maybe a future Bp Baca isn't so far off the wish list now...that's a good question, all things are to be seen, and more reason for us to pray...

    Change is coming...and hopefully it's a good thing, not the craptastic change that we got in the White House


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