24 January 2012

7/2 Time out Tuesday Vol 2.

LarryD at AOA hosts this...Here's Vol 2.

1. I tend to be very secretive, not because I have things to hide, simply because I don't want everyone all in my business. I will tell you what I want to tell you. That said, I nearly blew my cover the other day in conversation with a friend of mine. See, the thing is, I've very very very quietly thought of this friend as being someone that could potentially be someone more. Of course by putting this on public record, I've really blown my cover. I have many paradoxes.

2) Some neighbors have recently been blaring their stereos quite loudly. I thought my generation was the last to do that, and this generation had a bit of sense...I guess not. Fortunately, I've found a solution to this problem:

3) I'm in the process of writing a physics book. I'm a believer in the saying if want a job done well, do it yourself, so I am. Some of the wonderful gems to come out of this book are:

"If you ever state Newton's 2nd Law is F = ma, you'll get yelled at by a Russian Lady"

"Forget everything you've learned about physics, all of it is wrong."

And various other sarcastic remarks :)


Someone asked me, how did I become so "smart" in physics....I simply told them...Mrs. Makárova is responsible for me studying physics and being intrigued with the subject. Either that, or I spent hours upon hours reciting lectures to myself. I left it to them to figure out which one could be true...

Now it's your turn! Write, link to LarryD, and to me :D

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