17 January 2012

7/2 (mixed numbers, bleh) Time-Out Tuesday Vol 1.

The LarryD over at Acts of the Apostasy started this. I finally have a Tuesday where I can participate.

1) There was a friend of mine in high school who said of me "You always strive for the impossible." Apparently, this is true, since I'm applying to be a part-time physics prof with a BA who just happens to be writing a book at the same time. Well, God hoping, some kind of miracle can happen :). We'll see if the College of Southern Idaho makes a wise decision and hires me to lecture in physics. 

2) I've been advised to start a podcast and show...since I have nothing better to do, I'm going to start it. e-mail me here, if you wish to be on the show. Write down your name and topics you want to discuss :), and yours truly will get back to you. 

3) I found this blog at complete random. It's a petition to the Holy Father to revoke the insult for hand communion. Click the thingy in the side bar and sign.  You know where I stand on it, I say sign it, and give the blog some support. It's by 2 priests and a layman in Aussie land. 

7/2 (that's 3.5 for you non math majors)....

I used the words "I know the words I need to say" as a tribute to my favourite band Evanescence, when I first started this blog. However, life slowly is settling itself down. So, therefore I'm wondering what Latin title should I use for the blog? Suggestions will be taken as comments. :)

Now it's your turn :)

Have a blessed Tuesday. 


  1. Joe- thanks for joining the Resistance. I'll pray that God answers your prayers.

    And I like the fractionated rewrite of the title. Very nice.

  2. LarryD, no problem :)...Resistance is what I live for.

  3. Resistance is Futile.

    Couldn't resist.


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