12 January 2012

Some thoughts....

a. Liturgical Pluralism

Is not such a bad idea. You know those days before Trent. When each order had a different rite or usage. Perhaps this is where our Holy Father stands. If that's the case, it's perfectly fine. What exactly is wrong with having different rites in the Church? We already have that in Eastern Expressions of the Faith. There is nothing wrong with the NO and TLM existing side by side. I think all of the treasures of the Western Rite of the Church need to be available for all (Ambrosian, Dominican, Barga, Sarum, etc). These expressions of the Faith do not take away from the oneness of the Church.

b. the GOP race

Let's be honest...Romney is just Obama Lite, and Gingrich though well spoken and eloquent is apart of the establishment. We can not make mistake by nominating a moderate. A moderate will lose to the zero in chief period.

c. Vocation thoughts...

We'll see what happens....we'll see. I know what direction I'm leaning...But I'll have to talk when my head is clear.

d. Your prayers

Are needed for my situation.

e. Podcast/Webshow

Is in the works...thinking of titles and topics, your suggestions are appreciated :)

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